Campaign: Eraven


Score: 29,648.4GM: stolph (level 12)
Fri Dec 4 2015


Your Friendly Whitehat

Sed sed porta leo. Mauris id dui non mauris fermentum semper vitae in metus. Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia ...

Score: 286.8Nov 9 2015

Character(Secret Page)

(Secret Page)

Score: 0.0Oct 31 2015

CharacterMay Blackmoth

Likes to make orcs laugh.

Twin sister of Tessie, daughter of Tapria Blackmoth. From age 11 to 16, she spent all but her summers in a bard troupe in Ullad in ...

Score: 69.3Oct 28 2015


Powerful red dragon with lairs at both Fort Teath and in the Sewers of Arindel

He seeks the Amulet of Knoss, a dagger used by Gledrip, and descendants of the Fearsome Four in an effort to turn his mate Celobae back ...

Score: 39.5Oct 4 2015


Shaman of the Badlands

Shaman of the Badlands and former spiritual leader of the Mercati. A witchdoctor of sorts whom Khal bumped into while exploring the ...

Score: 54.3Oct 1 2015

CharacterTest Dude

Score: 4.0Sep 26 2015

CharacterGledrip II

(RIP) Former Guildmaster of the Restless Hand

Died only recently as an old man. Was guildmaster of the Restless Hand and was based in Arindel.

Score: 30.3Sep 26 2015

CharacterGledrip III

Former mayor of Invidia who recently escaped from prison

Former mayor of Invidia.

Was convicted of attempting to assassinate the King of Umerus. The King spared his life only because they were ...

Score: 46.2Aug 1 2015


Elderly Caravan Merchant 2

A merchant that Alejandro met while in a caravan from Invidia to Arindel. He was worried, because a magical stone he had told him that his ...

Score: 46.2Aug 1 2015


Spirit of the Caves of Tamal

She sings in a strange tongue when someone runs a wet hand along her walls.

Score: 25.9May 22 2015


Wife of Gledrip IV

She can communicate with Aerawen by running her hand along the walls inside the Caves of Tamal.

Wife of Gledrip IV, and a Mercati healer ...

Score: 56.0May 22 2015

PlaceWaterfall Dungeon

King Ivellios' Magic Lab and Prison

Location of the Amulet of Knoss and the prisoner Grimlock.

Score: 19.9May 16 2015


Elven capital of the Sieresh Forest

All the buildings of Moonbrook are in the treetops and connect to each other via bridges.

The town is illuminated at night by lamps ...

Score: 123.8May 16 2015


Elven Sorcerer PC

Shunned from the Sieresh Forest, he befriended the human Kirg Fleetfoot and is now a member of the Descendant Finders on a quest to ...

Score: 40.5May 16 2015


Elven Cleric PC who's spent time in Elendahar

Score: 6.0May 15 2015

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A fantasy campaign that I (stolph) have been running off and on for the past 25 years.

Systems used: Fantasy Hero, D&D 3, D&D 3.5, and now my home brew Easy D20 system.

To date, most of the action takes place in:

Umerus - a landlocked Kingdom whose economic well-being is in jeopardy due to a greedy baron and encroaching orcs. It's capital city Invidia is well-known for its intrigue, gladiatorial combat, and Traitor's Gate, where the heads of traitors and smugglers are placed as a warning to those who would follow a similar profession.

The Badlands - mostly lifeless hills and a haven for smugglers. Contains a small woods, Dragon's Cave, and the Caves of Tamal, among other landmarks.

Arindel - a bustling, independent port city with evil lurking in the sewers below. Sorcery is outlawed, and for good reason.

Boddynock - a mixed race region in the mountains that are home to humans, drow elves with a dark past, gnomes who like to play jokes and build strange contraptions, and formerly-enslaved dwarves who mostly keep to themselves.

Alitrem - a Kingdom of horsemen on the high plains east of the Boddynock Mountains. Most of the current PCs hail from here.

Sieresh Forest - a dominion of elves. Moonbrook is the capitol, yet still not much bigger than a village.

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stolph (level 12) (Fri Apr 17 21:19:27 PDT 2015)


Icefalcon (level 11) (Sun Mar 15 08:44:33 PDT 2015)

@Stolph I am definitely following. This looks to be a great campaign. I am sad that I cannot dedicate the time to read it thoroughly at the moment as I am trying to get all the necessary info for my campaign up but I will, at some point, read the whole thing.

stolph (level 12) (Tue Mar 03 10:27:25 PST 2015)

@Icefalcon - Sounds like a good idea. Maybe I'll ask my kids to help out. I think one of them offered their help with my maps. That way I can focus on finishing the Scabard DB upgrade. :) BTW, if you like my Eraven campaign, you can click the "Follow" button when you're logged in and you'll be notified of any comments or updates. Not updating too much these days though, since my friend is now the GM (Mystery of Haar campaign).

Icefalcon (level 11) (Mon Mar 02 15:46:11 PST 2015)

@Stolph I have tried various methods for my maps over the years. My favorite is using colored pens for outlining and colored pencils to fill in the color. I find it looks the best to me.

stolph (level 12) (Mon Feb 23 11:29:26 PST 2015)

@Icefalcon - I've thought about using ink for future maps, since I've heard that it looks better, but hadn't considered inking over my existing ones. Thanks for the suggestion! But I *did* consider coloring the maps with colored pencils, since I think it'll look better.

Icefalcon (level 11) (Sat Feb 21 22:37:41 PST 2015)

Have you ever thought about inking in the lines of your map, they might stand out a bit more and be a bit easier to read?

stolph2 (level 4) (Sat Jan 03 09:44:28 PST 2015)


stolph (level 12) (Mon Oct 27 22:01:56 PDT 2014)

I've played neither 4th nor 5th edition. But 5th edition seems to be mostly liked. 4th edition is hated by many, but some really like it. Saw a poll in a D&D group on Facebook. Here was the ordering from most favorite to least, from what I remember: 3 (and 3.5), 5, 2, 1, 4. Blackrook (my brother) recently started a new campaign,, with D&D Next (5). He likes the simpler rules.

losthalfling (level 6) (Mon Oct 27 12:25:52 PDT 2014)

Well, there was the original version of the game that required elements from, well I dont completely remember anymore. Then 2nd came out. I remember playing that. The advanced system came out. Played that for a while. 3 was released. It was fun; but was full of holes. 3.5 is something that helped that. How are the later releases, if anyone has played them?

stolph (level 12) (Fri Jan 17 18:47:35 PST 2014)

Yes, good catch. There have been several system switches actually. Just updated summary and description.

cyborg7221 (level 4) (Fri Jan 17 06:05:51 PST 2014)

That can't be right. 3.5 has only been around since what, 2005? That was 8 years ago. To have been running it for 25 years would definately require a system switch somewhere down the road.

stolph (level 12) (Tue Apr 16 21:49:04 PDT 2013)

Welcome to the Eraven campaign.