Campaign: Eraven


Game Master: stolph (level 12)
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Score: 28,915.6Edited: Tue Feb 24 2015


Elderly Caravan Merchant

Score: 47.1


Ace of Spades

A thieves' guild shrouded in mystery

Score: 68.5



First village on Mercati smuggling route

Score: 109.0


Adventure 10: Revenge against Bulacan

Revenge is a dish best served cold

Score: 198.9


Adventure 11: A Tad of Zoanad

Khal and Alejandro seek another of Segar's contacts

Score: 44.3


Adventure 12: Zombie Island

A treasure map leads the Greenwood to Zombie Island

Score: 6.0


Adventure 1: Smuggling Mission

Score: 48.8


Adventure 2: Arrested!

Smugglers arrested and thrown to lions

Score: 46.2


Adventure 3: Collecting the Booty

Alejandro sells his loot

Score: 34.5


Adventure 4: Khal Escapes, then Joins the Restless Hand

Score: 36.2


Adventure 5: Bluebottle Blues

Alejandro meets his old pirate captain

Score: 42.4


Adventure 6: Exploring Dragon's Cave

Khal and Mouse explore a cave with a strange entrance

Score: 6.0


Adventure 7: Journey to the Caves of Tamal

Score: 30.8


Adventure 8: Battle of Tamal

Baron Imoldo and allies drive the Mercati out of the Badlands

Score: 46.2


Adventure 9: The Anniversary Party

Khal and Alejandro go back to Invidia and attend the 25th Anniversary Party of Saolind's parents.

Score: 6.0



Spirit of the Caves of Tamal

Score: 25.9



Southern Headquarters of the Roamers

Score: 91.4


Alderman Hito

Score: 22.3


Aldermen of Invidia

The nine rulers of the City of Invidia

Score: 71.7



Swashbuckling Bard PC (RIP)

Score: 488.5



A fantasy campaign that I (stolph) have been running off and on for the past 25 years.

Systems used: Fantasy Hero, D&D 3, D&D 3.5, and now my home brew Easy D20 system.

To date, most of the action takes place in:

Umerus - a landlocked Kingdom whose economic well-being is in jeopardy due to a greedy baron and encroaching orcs. It's capital city Invidia is well-known for its intrigue, gladiatorial combat, and Traitor's Gate, where the heads of traitors and smugglers are placed as a warning to those who would follow a similar profession.

The Badlands - mostly lifeless hills and a haven for smugglers. Contains a small woods, Dragon's Cave, and the Caves of Tamal, among other landmarks.

Arindel - a bustling, independent port city with evil lurking in the sewers below. Sorcery is outlawed, and for good reason.

Boddynock - a mixed race region in the mountains that are home to humans, drow elves with a dark past, gnomes who like to play jokes and build strange contraptions, and formerly-enslaved dwarves who mostly keep to themselves.

Alitrem - a Kingdom of horsemen on the high plains east of the Boddynock Mountains. Most of the current PCs hail from here.

Sieresh Forest - a dominion of elves. Moonbrook is the capitol, yet still not much bigger than a village.




stolph (level 12) (Mon Feb 23 11:29:26 PST 2015)

@Icefalcon - I've thought about using ink for future maps, since I've heard that it looks better, but hadn't considered inking over my existing ones. Thanks for the suggestion! But I *did* consider coloring the maps with colored pencils, since I think it'll look better.

Icefalcon (level 9) (Sat Feb 21 22:37:41 PST 2015)

Have you ever thought about inking in the lines of your map, they might stand out a bit more and be a bit easier to read?

stolph2 (level 3) (Sat Jan 03 09:44:28 PST 2015)


stolph (level 12) (Mon Oct 27 22:01:56 PDT 2014)

I've played neither 4th nor 5th edition. But 5th edition seems to be mostly liked. 4th edition is hated by many, but some really like it. Saw a poll in a D&D group on Facebook. Here was the ordering from most favorite to least, from what I remember: 3 (and 3.5), 5, 2, 1, 4. Blackrook (my brother) recently started a new campaign,, with D&D Next (5). He likes the simpler rules.

losthalfling (level 6) (Mon Oct 27 12:25:52 PDT 2014)

Well, there was the original version of the game that required elements from, well I dont completely remember anymore. Then 2nd came out. I remember playing that. The advanced system came out. Played that for a while. 3 was released. It was fun; but was full of holes. 3.5 is something that helped that. How are the later releases, if anyone has played them?

stolph (level 12) (Fri Jan 17 18:47:35 PST 2014)

Yes, good catch. There have been several system switches actually. Just updated summary and description.

cyborg7221 (level 4) (Fri Jan 17 06:05:51 PST 2014)

That can't be right. 3.5 has only been around since what, 2005? That was 8 years ago. To have been running it for 25 years would definately require a system switch somewhere down the road.

stolph (level 12) (Tue Apr 16 21:49:04 PDT 2013)

Welcome to the Eraven campaign.