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How to Finally Get Your Home-Brew Campaign World Organized...

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Ever had to stop the action while digging through your paper notes or scattered computer files?

Desperately trying to find the name of that NPC they met in the Dark Forest five sessions ago?

And you had mentioned the NPC’s mother too, but can’t remember if she was the Baroness or the Mayor.

You know you wrote it all down. But just can’t find it.

Will you be able to unearth the sought after knowledge from your archives before your players get sucked into their phones?

Or will they spot your nephew’s light sabers and start dueling near your sister’s Precious Moment’s collection?

How it all started...

Hi, my name is Ed Larmore. I go by Stolph here on Scabard.

When I was playing D&D growing up in the 80s, my friend Sean would always arrive an hour early...

Why? Because he was so enthralled with my brother's campaign that he'd come early to soak up all the details. Who the major nobles were, rumors of distant wars, court intrigue... you name it.

I knew that to inspire the same kind of devotion from players that my brother did, I would need a detailed campaign world as well...

But there was just one problem... I'm not an organized person.


I tried everything. From paper notes in binders, which I had to lug around (and sometimes lost!).

Then Word documents - but I could never remember which of my two computers had which information.

Next was Google Docs - while accessible from any device, I found my many documents difficult to categorize. And surprisingly hard to find the exact document I was looking for.

If you're like 99% of GMs with home-brew worlds, you probably feel like it's just too much effort to organize your campaign world.

Well, I'm here to change all that!

I want to show you how you can finally get your campaign organized. And with ease!

What's more, you'll be able to slash your session prep time in half!

I call it, the World-Building Level-Up Package

Designed for GMs with home-brew worlds who are brand new to Scabard. You'll be able to quickly find your notes and slash prep time in half.

The World-Building Level-Up Package

The easiest to use RPG Campaign Manager on the market.
With a great introductory deal...

I have tried the others and Scabard is the most user-friendly of all of them - both for the GM and the players.

Easy to add and modify information on the fly, and an easy-to-learn interface that can get you up and running with engaging details in short order.

GM of Nightfall - The Liminal Chronicles

So You Can Level-Up Your Game...

  • Update your world quickly and intuitively and run a more effective game...
  • Easy to use interface...
  • Slash your prep time in half...

With Scabard I spend WAY less time searching for campaign details and more time in the moment with my players.

It’s the most amazing toolset for GMing that I’ve ever encountered.

GM of Autumn’s Bounty - Rise of Deathwhisper


  • Access and edit from any web-enabled device...
  • Make links between pages just once with connections. Link shows on both pages...
  • No Ads. Ever...
  • No more digging through binders and scattered computer files...

If you're still using a word processor to manage your campaign notes you will be amazed at the level up Scabard provides.

Never have I felt more prepared for a session. And I never get caught off guard when I can quickly look up an NPC I made 5 years ago.

GM of Pyren

Here's Everything You Get...

One Full Year of our popular Hero World-Building Subscription

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Plus get an additional month free!

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Maps on Every Page and Unlimited Secret Pages

Upload a map or diagram to each page in your campaign. And add pins that link to other pages.

Avoid spoilers by keep critical pages hidden from your players.

13 Premium Features in All.

Unlimited Pages

Add as many pages as you'd like.

Characters, Events, Groups, Items, Places, Folders, Notes, Adventures and Vehicles.

Create a Rich Interconnected World

Connect pages in your campaign with relationships like 'Father Of', 'Enemy Of', 'Birthplace Of'.

And unlike wikis, which need links and back links, connections between pages on Scabard only need to be made once.

Our Popular Proper Noun Detector and Auto-Linking

Quickly create new page entries by scanning what you've written for Proper Nouns.

Auto-Linking creates links to other pages automatically. Simply by mentioning them.

Excellent Customer Support

Ever reached out for support and got crickets? Not Scabard!


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What to Expect Next...

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