Are You Talking To Me?

Are You Talking To Me?

One of the surest motivations a GM can utilize when it comes to players and their main antagonist is to make it personal.  Nothing brings the laser-like focus of your  party's skills to bear better than personal investment.  This is an opportunity for the GM to have some fun!

Dialog is one of the best tools available to rile your party to a state of vengeful fury.  An antagonist that is capable of mocking, gloating or deploying a verbal put-down is one that they will move mountains to defeat.  Personal contact between a party and their main antagonist is time well invested, particularly if the party is powerless to confront their potential nemesis effectively at the time.  Humble pie is rarely easy to digest!

A quest need not be "personal" from day one.  A party can be quite happily operating on a different motivation altogether at the outset, but when their activities bring them to the attention of the antagonist this can change.  Many antagonists are less than subtle in their response to troublemakers!  The party may find their rooms and belongings targeted or perhaps the "message" can be delivered through targeting their friends, family or support network. This type of retribution will evoke the strongest reactions among your players.  It will also make the resolution far more satisfying!

Another useful tool is to work a personal animosity/antagonist into a player character's back story. If you are planning a longer campaign, this can be a good basis for the main plot arc.

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P.S.: If you have any good tips or examples of personal vendettas between antagonist and player(s) I'd love to hear them.  Just reply back to this email!
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