Damsel in Distress

Damsel in Distress


There are plenty of ways to surprise, shock and amaze your party with a Damsel in Distress plot. 
She’s Not In Distress! A difficult conundrum for a party is to retrieve or rescue someone who doesn’t want to be.
Far from being held against their will, they are happy with their situation.  The concerned individual who hired the party isn’t all they seem.
Lack Of Information. I’ve played a rescue mission where all we had to go on was a first name. No matter the reward, tracking down Jenny in New York is a challenge!
Feed the party minimal information and allow them to problem solve from there.
She’s No Damsel! Far from being a helpless maiden, your lady could be a formidable individual in her own right. Such a local legend would need more than a mere castle to contain them.
The rescue will require planning, resources and side quests to succeed. The party will probably need her skills to safely escape once they free her.
Can We Put Her Back? A fun RP element is to have the rescued person be far from grateful! Think Princess Leia from Star Wars.
Superior, demanding, uncooperative… the party may end up empathizing with the captor!
What Kept You? After hours of discussion, planning and implementation the party might find their damsel has taken matters into her own hands.
There's the empty room, the concussed guard, maybe the odd booby trap!
Like Fiona from Shrek 4.
The party will have to move quickly to catch up with their self-reliant quarry and negotiate a way to claim credit for her rescue.
A final thought:  Motivation-wise, an NPC saying I just hope the baby will be ok is like a caffeine kick to almost any RPG party. 

In my Traveller campaign recently, the party was trying to find a damsel who had disappeared a year ago. Only to discover she now had a baby and a husband that both needed rescuing as well!



The stress of escape can possibly lead to some midwifery skill roles...  
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