Don't Feed The Birds!

Don't Feed The Birds!

Breadcrumbs: the fodder of birds and PCs alike!

Dungeons lend themselves well to a series  of encounters, puzzles and combat. Less common (but equally fun) can be a dungeon built around  breadcrumbs.

This might lead to filling a gap in the players' knowledge, creating the plot hook for your next adventure or just survival.

Ancient Text: Carvings or tablets might be located around the dungeon. Each segment adding up to the complete text.

Ensuring that they are randomly distributed (rather than chronologically) keeps your party guessing. Linking the text to an historic event, culture or deity adds further depth to your game world.

A Letter: I have spent time writing out a letter, aging it under the grill, then tearing it into pieces.  Fragments can be given to the players as they find them.

It adds suspense and enjoyment as they try to piece them together (and guess what is missing).

Cypher: Another option is that the party have a coded script.

Elements of the cipher are hidden around the dungeon - the more they find, the more text they can decipher. You can fill in gaps in players' world knowledge or set up the next stage in a quest with this method.

The Cure: A debilitating condition may afflict one or more members (triggered on entry, no saves).

The ingredients to cure the condition are located within the dungeon.  The party becomes progressively weaker over time;  trigger an effect every 15 minutes of real time (use an hourglass/timer on the table).

Team work and communication are key to success!

Summary: With any Breadcrumb mission, encourage the players to narrate their search strategy.  Rolls can supplement that in a 'what have I missed?' way. Maps and visual aids are very useful.

Assume if they look in the right place, they will find what they seek.  The challenge is problem solving rather than the whim of the dice!

Your Scabard connections; historical, cultures, races etc can provide the starting point for any of the above scenarios

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Happy Gaming!
-Stolph (Ed)

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