Honor the Gods

Honor the Gods

Dungeon settings provide opportunities for characters to interact with or honor their chosen deities. And you can enrich players' engagement with your world through these interactions.

Create your Canon: Establish the expected norms for observation of deities outside of the adventure setting.  Allow characters to honor their deities while they are between adventures. 

Establishing a 'code' linked to deities is also important.  Following it can guide character actions. Stepping outside of it may have consequences.

Example: A druid PC ensured that she meditated every day.  She also did so if worried or seeking guidance.  Other PCs gave her time and tried to avoid disturbing her. Some level of insight or support was given as a reward, benefiting everyone.

Shrine Creation: Where you have established the canon, shrines can become much more than some incense and two candles! Decoration and iconography can be tailored for effect.  Entering can be linked to observing the correct ritual or speaking some appropriate words.

Shrines may be interactive, with votive tools that only an observant PC will know how to use.  In this way you validate the time they invest into playing a character.

Example: Sailors will crush a pearl to placate and honor the Sea Goddess before setting sail.

The PCs, on coming across a shrine in a dungeon, find it decorated with shells and coral.  There is also a dish of pearls and a small silver hammer on a hook next to the shrine.

Using their knowledge of your world they may deduce the need to crush a pearl on the altar - and so receive a reward. Taking a pearl would anger the goddess.

You can link Items to gods using Scabard connections. While Notes or folders can connect to a deity's page containing relevant information for players.

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