Pairing Up Your Players

Pairing Up Your Players

No, I am not suggesting that the GM assumes the role of Dating Agent/ Wedding Planner! Tempting though this might be, the modifiers for this skill are eye-watering.

Pairing up your players refers to pairing their skills and expertise with the situations you create for them.  Most of the games I have not enjoyed, either as a player or as GM, have been down to a failure to achieve this.

A lot of parties and gamers love a combat-heavy "Hack'N Slash" adventure. Nothing wrong with that if your party is comprised of warrior types.  Where it can go wrong is where part of the party opted for characters with non-combat skills as their primary focus.  They will be side-lined in combat, vulnerable to damage and risk losing interest or engagement with their character.

Scabard has been designed to add depth to your gaming world and with that comes the tools to better pair your players to the scenarios.

Might an important quest item be only usable by one character?  Perhaps the game location is one a particular character knows intimately well (such as their home). Perhaps the quest is awarded by a group or organization which one party member belongs to? 

Using the connections feature of Scabard, you don't need to sacrifice one aspect of a game in favor of another. Instead, overlap the skills, background and kit of your characters so they each bring something valuable to the experience.

Happy Gaming!

PS: Reply to this email if you have any good examples of sharing out quest goals between your party to play to their strengths! 
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