Party Dynamics

Party Dynamics

In my own experience, the success or failure of a game session can often come down to the dynamic between your players.  It's a chemistry thing and as such can be very hard to manage.  It's worth remembering that the dynamic of your session rests not just on one factor but two: 1) The "real world" players and 2) The "in-game" characters.

The "real world" players can be tricky creatures, requiring high diplomacy and charm skills to manage effectively.  

This can be mitigated by ensuring that your sessions are fun and primarily game-focused.  Ending your sessions on a bit of a cliff-hanger can be a good way of helping the next session to get "down to business" quickly.  The real-world quickly recedes when there's a crisis to deal with!

Where the GM can really make a difference is with in-game "character-based" dynamics.  

Having your characters help each other out of a sticky situation is also a really good way to cement a decent party dynamic.  This can be through a "rescue" type plot (one party member needs help) or cooperative "escape" type plot.

Happy Gaming!

P.S.: If you have any tips for managing your party dynamics that you'd like to share, just let me know by simply replying to this email.
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