Pocket Plots for GMs

Pocket Plots for GMs

Sometimes the most difficult part of planning a session or series of sessions is coming up with the main plotline.  If you want to mix things up or try something new, this handy pocket plot guide might help!

Whodunnit?  The classic mystery plotline where a crime (theft/murder/espionage) has been committed and the task of the players is to uncover the crime and perpetrators.

Guard Duty!  Your party is tasked with looking after a person or item.  This may be tied to an event or single location or involve safely travelling from one place to another.  Key elements of this type of plot include who to trust and to what lengths might others go to prevent success?

Mission Impossible. A more traditional 'quest' plotline with a clear end goal.  You can add focus and suspense to this type of plot by giving your party a firm deadline to work to. Types of plot might include infiltration, rescue, item 'retrieval', or a range of military objectives.

Exploration.  To boldly go where none have gone before - or at least come back alive! Exploration and discovery plots offer plenty of skill opportunities besides combat. Diplomacy and a range of problem solving tasks can stretch your party's imaginations.

Career Progression.  Consider matching a task/plot to the career choices of your players.  Create scenarios where they can develop their chosen career skills, gain credibility in their field and maybe promotion.

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