Safe Within The Walls

Safe Within The Walls

In this and following emails, I will be offering some world building tips to help add depth to your game settings.  Apart from creating a world your players are fully engaged with, the main benefit of a deeply layered world is that it makes creating plots so much easier!  The setting inspires plots by creating opportunities for the party to influence or shape events.


No adventurer starts out by changing the course of their entire world!  The best place to start any adventure is within the familiar and comfortable surroundings of a small location.  This grounds your players, as well as allowing you time to find your feet in a manageable setting.


A single town or city is a good place to start. You might opt for a smaller place, remote from the "center" to which the players look with longing but naive eyes.  Alternatively, you can start your adventure in a main center of power; where the population is secure but have little idea of what lies beyond their walls.  


An advantage of  a "home base" is that you have a place to bring your players back to periodically.  You can create familiarity in a setting to which your players return for comfort, rest, recreation or recuperation.  The more you use the location, the easier it is to run sessions within it.  This can also provide the GM with a lighter work-load if needed for a session or two.


Have you created a "familiar haven" for your players and how did it turn out?  Just reply back to this email.


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Happy Gaming!



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