Spice Up Your Life (with an Encounter)

Spice Up Your Life (with an Encounter)

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An encounter provides the perfect opportunity to trigger a change of pace or direction - or to kick off a short series of sessions if that's what you are running.

There's nothing wrong with a plot commencing in a tavern, club, bar or mess hall (depending on setting/time period). But you can mix things up by creating an unusual encounter elsewhere as your starting point.  Doing so in the mid-point of a longer story arc spices things up by redirecting the players (temporarily) in an unexpected direction.

Journeys provide good opportunities for encounters.  Travel provides a natural interval between main events when something unexpected can occur. This can be in the form of an intervention designed to delay, thwart or dispose of the party - such as an ambush or trap.

Other times it can be an opportunity to carry out a "Good Samaritan" type mini quest.  A GM can quickly audit which skills the party hasn't been able to make use of lately and tailor an encounter to match - keeping all your players fully involved.

Encounters can be in the form of settings, rather than with character(s).  An abandoned ruin, old religious site, burial ground, cave network or encampment are all options.  This can be pre-created and kept on file.

Encounters can be just as memorable as main plot lines if they are vivid and out of the ordinary.  A castle that was only visible by moonlight is one of the best encounters I've played through.

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P.S.:You can find tips on running an intervention encounter on scabard at: Claim the Highground.

For quick ideas on a variety of encounters, check out: Random Encounter Generators.

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