With Friends Like These

With Friends Like These

Connections on Scabard are the fuel which runs your game sessions. For example, here are some ideas around the allies of connection.

Under the terms of our mutual support clause you are now enlisted in the militia of..  When in an ally's territory, this scenario allows the official of your choice to conscript the players.  They can be employed to deal with any awkward issue the locals would rather not deal with.  Within a campaign this can be a central plot device that explains the direct involvement of your players in larger events.

It was them! One of the best ways to break an alliance is for one party to commit an egregious act against the other. Players can provide the ideal proxies for those seeking to destabilise an alliance. Options include duping them into committing an illegal act or framing them for it. Framing the party need not be subtle - the challenge is proving their innocence.

Our allies have asked… Any quest can be linked to an alliance, whether it is a dungeon-based retrieval quest or more complex problem resolution. Alliance quests can offer additional XP/rewards due to the gratitude of two parties. This type of quest can introduce a new geographical area and build useful contacts - and enemies.

We come in peace… A really fun quest series can be built around making your players responsible for forming a new alliance.  There are lots of dimensions to this such as first contact, communication barriers, diplomatic protocols and internal politics. Some will support an alliance, others might stop at nothing to prevent one.  Best suited to a several session arc, this mission can allow for immersion in a different culture and some good interactive roleplay.

For further inspiration, Scabard’s Ideas Prompt (available as part of Hero/Legend subscription) offers useful plot ideas across all the connection types.
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