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Birthplace ofChug Chug
Birthplace ofKdr Clickhouse
Cultural traitRugged
Home ofFedge
Home ofKdr Clickhouse
Home ofLaroen
Place categoryHills
Setting ofKhal Dream 1
SubregionCaves of Tamal
SubregionDragon's Cave
SubregionDril's Keep
SubregionFort Teath
SubregionLimestone Quarry
SubregionNydaelia Woods
SubregionOhlone Beach
SubregionSilong Canyon
SubregionTomb of Sir Legiawin
Subregion ofUmerus

Rocky and nearly lifeless wasteland north of Umerus

Except for Nydaelia Woods, the Badlands are a lifeless wasteland filled with crags and half-dead weeds.

Many merchants bringing goods to Umerus enlisted the aid of the Mercati, a group of local smugglers. But if you got caught by the Royal Mounted Rangers (often called Roamers), the penalty was death, and your head would be prominently displayed on Invidia's Traitor's Gate. The Mercati were routed in the Battle of Tamal.

Before the battle, the Impuniti, sworn enemies of the Mercati, would waylay travelers in Silong Canyon. So merchants unwilling to break the law by smuggling were forced to travel in large caravans for protection.

After the battle, the Impuniti continue to take advantage of travelers, but in a different way. As a reward for their participation in the battle, Baron Imoldo allowed them to build an inn halfway through the canyon, where they charge exorbitant prices, deliver poor food and service, and sometimes steal items from unsuspecting guests!

A couple of years ago, Tapria the Bard lost a magic item in this way, a gift given to her by the good dragon Tibomad.

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