Moshibaru Ohaitsu

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Fri Jan 1 2016
Moshibaru Ohaitsu

PC: Human Marshal/Sorcerer

She began her life the firstborn child of a small merchant family loosely related to the Yoritomo family. Her family had but one ship, but was prosperous none the less. They made their living by transporting goods and people between the capital Kyuden Gotei and Tashi no Inazuma. Ohaitsu studied at Dojo Raiden. It was there she first showed a talent for negotiation and deal making; skills that would serve her merchant family well. As befitting a true Mantis, she also showed some aptitude for martial combat; particularly aiding and directing others in battle. After her education was complete, the family decided to move their holdings to Kyuden Gotei from their estate in Toshi no Inazuma.

During the voyage, a great storm came upon them. It lasted for days, blowing their ship (the Shi-ho-su) far to the north, to the very edge of the Gotai province. Somewhere in the maelstrom she lost consciousness, she has no memory of what happened to her family, but assumes they were all lost at sea.

Ohaitsu was found face down in the water days later off the coast of tempest island by a passing Kobune. Initially presumed dead, the captain and crew were amazed to find her alive, apparently breathing water. The crew wanted to throw her back into the ocean, but the captain had long traded with the priests of the Tempest Island Temple and took her powers as a sign of favor by the sea. The captain gave her to the priests and monks of the temple.

It was there that she learned how to control her magic and her ever rising temper. Having little hope of improving her status she sought to become Yoritomo Shugenja. But to do that she would need a sponsor.

She spent the better part of a year traveling the length of the islands, visiting every distant relation she knew. Finally she found an old friend of her father, one willing to take her in and sponsor her ambitions. They were kind and caring, treating her like one of their own. She grew to care for them deeply.

A bare 4 months after taking her in, her new family began receiving 'advice'. They were advised by their friends and family that Ohaitsu was no good, trouble, and probably cursed. The pressure on the family was relentless, eventually causing the family to lose contracts and friends. Nobody knew exactly where this pressure or the gossip originated from, Ohaitsu was only able to tell it came from somewhere high up in the Yoritomo clan. Fearing her presence would bring her new family ruin she made up her mind to find a way to leave while still saving face for herself and her family.

That was when she heard of the Twenty Goblin Winter. The crab clan would allow honorable warriors currently clanless a chance to join their clan by proving their mettle against the denizens of the shadowlands. After a long talk with her new family, they all agreed that she should attempt it. The honour from the challenge would go a long way to silencing her secretive critics. Plus the distance between herself and the Yoritomo Family might prove beneficial to her and her family.

So it begins…

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