Yotsu Chan'ju

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Yotsu Chan'ju


Enemy ofStained Paw Tribe
FatherYotsu Mitsurugi
Member ofYotsu family
Participant of10: The Last March of the Crab
Participant of1: Twenty Goblin Winter
Participant of6: The Wall
Participant of8: The Home Front
Participant of9: The Battle for the Empire's Soul

Proud warrior of the White Paw

Younger brother of the shaman Tik'ki'titem, Chan'ju'tem was sent to work with the Twenty Goblin Winter entrants as a token of the White Paw tribe's friendship. He has some skill as a guide and in taking blows for the others even when he can't really stand them.

During the siege of Shinsei's Last Hope, he was met with the reality that his tribe was working for the Shadowlands. Considering this a betrayal, he fought against them and was adopted by Yōtsu Mitsurugi.

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