Tik'ki'titem (R.I.P.)

Score: 76.4Fri Jan 1 2016


Enemy ofKageneko Shin
Member ofStained Paw Tribe
Participant of1: Twenty Goblin Winter
Participant of6: The Wall
Participant of9: The Battle for the Empire's Soul

Proud Nameseeker

A shaman of the former White Paw Tribe, Tik'ki'titem was eventually found out to be working with the Shadowlands and attacked the Kill-Stealers in order to escape. He stole the name of Otaku Ranneko and managed to keep it for oni summoning rather than destroying it. Kageneko Shin shot him down while he was fleeing, but Old Man Ebi reports that Ranneko's name is still in the possession of the Shadowlands.
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