Campaign: Gordovia


Score: 33,985.4GM: Blackrook (level 16)
Mon Jan 16 2017

A new generation seeks new adventures...

John got a vision of something so terrible, he knew he had to leave his life of seclusion and go back out into the world. His visions told him to visit the Kingdom of Gordovia and meet with a man named Sir Pedro of Herma House on April 23, I.Y. 4065, G.Y. 100, disguised as an ordinary courier.

John went to Herma House on a cold and rainy night, showed the servant who opened the door identification that he was a courier working for Sorenson and Sons.

The servant let him in without question. After two hours of waiting, Sir Pedro came down the stairs and handed him a letter, and told him to read the first paragraph of instructions.

The letter told John to meet with Captain Harry O'Toole before the H.M.S. Isabeq's Pearl left Seamouth Harbor on April 27, and hand him the letter.

Shows a map. Click on the pins to see details. GM can add pins when logged in.

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Blackrook (Fri Aug 26 11:09:50 PDT 2016)

Please fix graph. Central item has something else over it so it can't be read. Thanks,

stolph (Fri Jul 29 23:16:00 PDT 2016)

@Blackrook - you can now pin any type of page in your campaign to Map tabs. See for example:

stolph (Thu Jul 28 07:10:04 PDT 2016)

@Blackrook, Scabard now has Notes.

Blackrook (Wed Jul 27 13:31:07 PDT 2016)

Also I would like to have public pages with a public map, but also a secret map for pins I don't want the players to see.

Blackrook (Wed Jul 27 13:29:55 PDT 2016)

I would like to be able to add pins of ANY TYPE to maps and large images. For example, it occurred to me that I would like to keep track of the location of important NPCs on the maps. Can you implement this soon because I'm eager to start? Thanks. Blackrook

stolph (Wed Jul 27 00:29:52 PDT 2016)

@Blackrook, per request, Groups, Events, Items, and Characters now have a "Large Image" tab (for lack of a better name). If a page doesn't have a large image associated with it yet, the tab will only appear if you're logged in.

stolph (Mon Jul 18 10:58:27 PDT 2016)

#fileatask - Central node on Graph tab has multiple names on top of each other

Blackrook (Sun Jul 17 13:44:19 PDT 2016)

There's some text in the middle of the screen interfering with the text for the central object on the graph, making it indecipherable.

Blackrook (Thu Apr 28 00:55:15 PDT 2016)


stolph (Fri Aug 02 21:15:55 PDT 2013)

@Blackrook, I'm done with the map feature. You can now upload your own images from your user profile and paste the url into the large image field URL for Campaigns, Places, and Characters. Large images for Characters are for character sheets.

stolph (Mon Jul 22 08:27:22 PDT 2013)

@Blackrook, it's on my list. Finishing up another task first. Thanks!

Blackrook (Sun Jul 21 15:23:43 PDT 2013)

I want to put up my own maps. Please add this feature.

stolph (Thu Jul 04 02:01:55 PDT 2013)

The "Edit" button is at the top of the "List" tab. You can edit the summary from there.

Blackrook (Wed Jul 03 16:36:04 PDT 2013)

I can't edit the summary.