Following Campaigns
Historically, comments people leave for others on Scabard used to go unnoticed. So I added the ability to follow other people's campaigns.

GM's, Assistant GM's, and Players follow the campaign automatically (but can unfollow later if they'd like). Scabard then emails updates when someone comments on or updates a campaign you follow. If you follow multiple campaigns that change in a single day, it'll combine the updates into a single email. Only people following campaigns that have changed or have a new comment will receive an email.

Hopefully this will help towards making Scabard more of a community.

To follow a campaign you must first be logged in on Scabard. Then from any page on a campaign, just click on the "Follow" button.

The first daily email went on 9/8/14.

You can earn the Imitator Multas Badge by following the campaigns of other GM's.