How Feature Requests Work

Scabard uses a voting system on our Facebook Group or the #feature_requests channel on our Discord to decide what to build next.

For the longest time, I've tried to resolve the problem of way more feature requests than time available to build them. In a way that makes the product better for the most people.

And where I don't get burned out.

So occasionally I will post on the group a poll with 5 or 6 options of what I might build next. These options are culled from popular suggestions and my own ideas for the product.

You can vote on any or all options. Likes count as 1 vote, Loves count as 2 votes. Benefactors get extra votes.

Tweak Rules

Once a feature is built, people generally suggest tweaks to it. Suggested tweaks that get 6 or more votes will probably get added to the feature if they're just that - tweaks that are easy to make.


Note: For new features or feature changes (not bugs) to existing features.
  • Feature request is made in the Facebook group or Discord #feature_requests channel as a post.
  • If the post gets 12 votes it goes on my "Needs Vote" list.
  • When I need more features to work on, I check that list.
  • I then post a poll with all features that got 12+ votes.