Adventure Builder Details

Create compelling adventures in half the time

Need a brilliant plot for your next adventure? Without all the fuss?

It's Thursday and you have a game scheduled for... tomorrow!

You've been busy at work and have nothing prepared. But you want the adventure to be more than just "You meet in a tavern. And there's this abandoned castle nearby...."

Almost 20 years ago, S John Ross examined the premises of hundreds of published adventures for all systems (including those systems dear and departed from print), trying to boil them down to common denominators.

The result? A list of 33 plots. Each with a collection of possible options and twists.

Introducing the Adventure Builder

With a special licensing arrangement with S. John, we present the Adventure Builder!

Where these same plots can be used to quickly create RPG adventures. And integrate them into your Scabard campaign or print them out for a binder during play.

These plots help you with fresh premises for adventures, avoiding thematic ruts and seamlessly integrating with your story and world.

Unlike modules, where it mentions places, groups and NPC's that aren't in your world, with the Adventure Builder you tie the adventure to places, groups, and NPC's that are part of your world.

Like the old Mad Libs...

But instead of adverbs and adjectives, it's NPC's and Guilds. Instead of plural nouns and prepositions, it's castles and space stations. Towns and Encounters.

Adventure Builder is a first of its kind innovation. Found nowhere else except on Scabard.

A tool made specifically for GMs combining the ease of Scabard, the intuitive connections, and the best RPG plots ever imagined in one place.