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Ask Alejandro!

10 questions per month

Now with unlimited questions*!

Beta Test

Are you a Game Master looking for ideas and inspiration for your RPG campaign? Look no further than Ask Alejandro!

Ask Alejandro is the newest product from Scabard, an AI Assist Bard that uses the power of artificial intelligence to provide you with world-building ideas, rumors, and adventure ideas.

Get 10 Free Questions if you sign up before launch!

With Ask Alejandro, you can now quickly generate new and exciting content for your tabletop role-playing games.

The artificial intelligence behind Ask Alejandro is designed to think like a real bard, giving you creative and unique ideas for your next game.

Plus, Ask Alejandro is integrated with the rest of Scabard, allowing you to quickly and easily collaborate with Alejandro for ideas about most pages in your campaign.

And since Alejandro reads what you've written, and riffs off of it, the ideas are unique to that page. Unique to your campaign.

Up to 10 ideas per question

With creative ideas, unique content, and integration with the rest of Scabard, Ask Alejandro is the perfect tool for any GM looking to add excitement to their tabletop games.

Sign-up for Ask Alejandro today and take your RPG campaigns to the next level!

How it works

Look for the "Ask Alejandro" button on any page in your campaign. You can ask up to 3 questions per page (adventures, rumors, and world-building ideas).

Inside City Builder, you can take any answer and ask Alejandro to elaborate. Which you can then do again on those answers. So effectively unlimited detail per place in each city or town.

"Wow. I am immediately blown away at how useful this is...

I love how it auto-adds to the secrets. That's beautiful."

~Jarredshere (beta-tester)

Get up to 5 results back for each question. With a free refresh to get up to 5 more.

That's up to 10 ideas per question.
Or 500 ideas per month!

Remove the ones you don't want, and click "Done"

The ideas get added to the secrets section of that page, which you can then edit and elaborate as you'd like.


  • While logged in, look for your remaining questions next to your gold coins, at the very top of most screens.
    • Earn 1 to 4 free questions per week, depending on subscription level. Plus extras if you’re a newbie.
    • Use or lose them!
    • 3 gp per question after that.

"Ask Alejandro" has been beta-tested and has a planned release date of Saturday, Dec 17.

Sign up today for our pre-release sale and get 10 free bonus questions (15 if you were a beta tester).

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10 questions per month

Now with Unlimited* questions

Plus 5 more today only! That's 15 bonus questions in all (20 for beta testers)!

With up to 10 ideas per question, that's a ton of ideas to work with!
Up to 500 per month!

Just $9.95 for 30** additional questions:
**Plus 5 more questions if you have Legend!
Can be purchased multiple times.
Secure Payment with PayPal. Scabard does not store, nor even see your credit card information.

Critical Miss Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason, we offer a full refund within 30 days.
  • To Ask Alejandro, click the "Ask" button on any page in your campaign.
  • If no issues, click "Ask Alejandro" on the pop-up dialog.
  • Don't like the answers? 'x' out the ones you don't like and click "Refresh"
  • Report issues on #beta_testers_only channel on Scabard Discord Server. Or email me at [email protected]

Tasks for stolph

  • Improve this page
    • Give links to recently edited pages to Ask Alejandro about.
    • Explain 'Ask Alejandro' on this page. Free questions, gp per question. Etc.
  • Better error handling
    • DONE Show error message (and error code) to GM
    • DONE Handle Bias/Safety
    • Handle Other AI Errors
  • Improve answer quality or handle better:
    • DONE 2 Refresh per question if don't like answers
    • KILL Should Refreshes accumulate if unused?
    • KILL Undo Refresh if previous set of answers was better?
    • DONE Mix & Match best from two sets of answers?
    • DONE Guidance on Alejandro dialog on pages likely to give lower quality results.
    • DONE Ask Adventure, then rumor, then world-building, because world-building tends to give generic answers more.
    • Add connections to prompt (except race and gender)
  • CB: Show answered questions in "Ask" dialog too?
  • CB: Ask 3 questions in any order?
  • Able to buy questions with actual $.
    • $3.95/mo for 50 q per month
  • DONE Other page types besides Places
  • QAE: be able to email even if no WB results
  • KILL Free questions
    • DONE Ensure free questions works when some have been spent.
    • DONE Dialog telling GM when they've earned
    • KILL Give partial free questions if < 2 weeks worth remaining, but > 1 week.
    • KILL Same day/time of week instead of checking when logging in?
  • Support secret pages and private campaigns
  • Support > 1000 words by breaking up summarize
  • Bugs:
    • DONE Omit "What adventures can.." and "What rumors might..." from WB results
    • DONE Rumors added twice (sometimes/all the time?) to secrets section when "Done". Was added yet again when I did WB questions.
    • DONE gp (and probably questions) earned, seems to count debits too, not just credits. Effecting max?
    • Refreshing (esp with slow connection) can cause secrets to be updated twice with same results.
    • DONE Two bugs causing too many free questions
    • KILL On dialog, say 1 question instead of 3 gp for cost if free questions > 0
    • DONE On dialog, Show red error if ask error
    • Removing all answers will still update secrets when you click Done
    • DONE Even better error handling
    • On dialog, say 1 question instead of 3 gp in all cases
*Subject to change.