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Welcome to Ask Alejandro, the ultimate tool for Game Masters seeking inspiration and creativity for their tabletop RPG campaigns! With the power of artificial intelligence and the soul of a bard, Alejandro is here to provide you with world-building ideas, rumors, and adventure concepts that will breathe life into your game world.

How It Works:

Up to 10 ideas per question
  1. Integration with Scabard: Look for the "Ask" button on any page within your Scabard campaign. You can ask up to 3 questions per page. Alejandro understands your narrative context and tailors his suggestions to complement your existing content.
  2. Ask Your Questions: Pose your questions to Alejandro, and watch as the AI bard crafts up to 5 unique responses for each query. Whether you need a plot twist, an intriguing NPC, or a mysterious artifact, Alejandro has you covered.
  3. Review and Select: After receiving Alejandro's ideas, review the suggestions and select the ones that resonate with your vision for the campaign. You can choose up to 5 ideas per question.
  4. Integration with Secrets: The chosen ideas seamlessly integrate into the secrets section of that page.
  5. Edit and Elaborate: Once the ideas are added to your campaign, you can further refine them to suit your preferences. Expand upon the concepts, add details, and weave them into the fabric of your game world.
  • Unlimited Questions: - no more worries about running out of questions!