Scabard's Bestiary Feature

Table of Contents

  1. Access the Bestiary
  2. Change the Creature Hierarchy
  3. Customize Creature Card Brew
  4. Insert Creature Card
  5. Create Another Creature

Scabard's Bestiary offers a convenient way to create custom creature cards tailored to your preferred system, whether it's for a non-5e tabletop RPG or if you simply want your own creature template within the 5e framework. Follow these steps

Access the Bestiary

  1. While logged in on desktop, go to any page in your campaign
  2. Click "Bestiary" on the left navigation panel


If you don't see the "Bestiary" link:
  1. Ensure you have a Legend Subscription or Mythic
  2. Ensure you have Custom Categories enabled

Change the Creature Hierarchy

Want to categorize your creatures by creature type? By default, every creature appears under Race

See how to Change Category Hierarchy

Customize Creature Card Brew

  1. Create a Note with a nicely styled creature card in the Note's description
  2. On the Bestiary, click "Configure Creature Card Brew"

  3. Enter the name of the Note you created above and save

Insert Brew in Creature

  1. On the Bestiary, click the "..." button next to a creature
  2. In the description or secrets editor in the Quick Edit dialog, select "Beautify:Brews:Creature Stat Block" (from the editor menu bar) per the Brews feature
  3. Edit the name, hit points, strength, etc of the default or Custom Creature Card that is pasted in
  4. Click "Save" to close the Quick Edit dialog

Create Another Creature

To create a new Creature:
  1. Click the "Categories" tab from the Bestiary, then the + button
  2. Give your creature a name and a description, and insert the Creature Card in the description or secrets section
  3. Save, then go back to the Bestiary tab
  4. It should appear under "Race". Change what creature type it appears under