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Welcome to City Builder, the ultimate tool for Game Masters to effortlessly create vibrant and immersive cities for your campaigns. This guide will walk you through the setup process and provide instructions on using City Builder to bring your cities to life.

How to Set up a City or Town with City Builder:

  1. Go to a Place in your campaign you want to make a City or Town.
  2. Edit Connections
  3. Set the Place Category to City, Town, Village or Capital then Save
  4. You will be taken to City Builder for that page (desktop only)

Navigating City Builder:

  1. Use the tree to navigate to places within your city or town
  2. Use the down arrows in the tree to create city districts, neighborhoods and shops within your city
  3. Click "Edit" or "Connections" on the right page to edit places in your city.
3. Designating Districts and Neighborhoods Cities are made up of diverse districts and neighborhoods. Use the tree view to designate different areas within your city. You can create districts like merchant quarters, residential areas, and more. Each district can contain multiple neighborhoods with unique characteristics. 4. Adding Establishments and Points of Interest Expand each district and neighborhood to add establishments, shops, taverns, and other points of interest. City Builder makes it easy to organize your city's features in a logical and visually appealing way. 5. Utilizing the Name Generator Enhance the authenticity of your city by using the AI-powered name generator. Different districts may generate distinct names, providing a rich and varied experience for your players. For example, inns in a halfling district will have different names than those in a port district. Using City Builder 1. Navigating the Single-Page Interface City Builder's intuitive single-page interface eliminates the need for multiple browser tabs. Effortlessly switch between districts, neighborhoods, and points of interest with ease. 2. Tree View Organization The tree view on the side allows you to see the hierarchical structure of your city. Use it to quickly navigate and make adjustments to different parts of the city. 3. Random Name Generation Take advantage of the random name generator for inns, shops, and more. This feature adds depth and realism to your city, making it a dynamic and memorable setting for your players. 4. High-Definition Mode For the best experience, switch to HD mode. This ensures that you can appreciate the details of your city and easily discern different elements on the page. City Builder is designed to streamline the city-building process, giving you more time to focus on storytelling and creating an engaging experience for your players. Start using City Builder today and watch as your campaign's cities come to life in unprecedented detail!