Sort by Freshness

Sort by Freshness

I found myself constantly switching between sort by recency and sort by score on the "All" tab of the list of campaigns.

What I'm really interested in are recently updated campaigns that have some meat to them - and neither sort quite does the job.

Sort by score has a lot of high scoring campaigns that haven't been updated in ages. And sort by recency has a lot of very low scoring campaigns from people who are just trying out Scabard for the first (and maybe only) time.

So I came up with a new sort technique that takes both score and recency into account. Editing your campaign increases your "freshness" by the amount your score increased. Meanwhile, your "freshness" decays exponentially over time.

Thus all edits contribute something, but recent edits are weighted higher than older edits, and higher scoring edits count more than lower scoring edits.