Templates are easier than ever to clone, as they now appear in the left panel of your campaign. You can click the clone button instead of the "+" button to create a new Character of that template type.

Pretty much everything is cloned now except the name (which you provide when you clone it):

  • Image
  • Text Fields (brief summary, description, secrets, GM-only secrets)
  • Map or Diagram
  • Stats Tab
  • Flex Tabs
  • Shared or Custom Categories
  • Connections

Example Cases:

  • Archetype NPC's belonging to a certain organization or employed by a certain person.
  • Town and City templates
  • Shop templates
  • Adventure or Note templates
  • Default images of your own choosing (if you don't like the ones I provide).
  • Stats Tabs pre-populated with stats like STR, INT, DEX

To create a new template, simply mark the "Is Template" checkbox of any page in your campaign while editing.

Templates are available for Legend and certain legacy Hero subscriptions. Pricing