Just-in-Time Campaign Building

Create your campaign between sessions, adjusting to where the PC's are and how they plan on accomplishing their mission. This gives the impression that your entire world is incredibly detailed and interconnected.

Scabard Stats

Top Ten Lists for Experience Points and Number of Badges and other Honors.

Weather Rules

Let's face it, the weather rules in D&D and Pathfinder are too complicated and you don't use them, right? Well, here are simpler weather rules that you might actually use.

Kingdom Events

If your campaign feels static, like nothing ever changes except what your PCs happen to do, spice it up with Kingdom Events.

It will breathe life into your campaign by giving it a sense of history, and will be a ready source of plot hooks and adventures for your PCs.


Events while Traveling

Ever tire of wandering monster rolls? Burned out from rolling on 4 different tables every game hour (weather, monsters, getting lost, etc)?

Ever been tempted to just say "OK, you get there," because it's just too hard?

Well, this is the deck for you! Your party can lose things, food can spoil, their campfire can get out of control; and yes, they can even encounter monsters! All from one convenient deck - just draw once, twice or thrice daily.

A 28 card encounter deck for Wilderness Travel.
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Buyer Encounters

The PCs want to sell a magic item they found in a dungeon. The rule book says its worth 50,000 gp. How do you handle that? Do you just say, "OK, you find this guy who buys it off you," and send them back to the dungeon for more?

Isn't that just too easy? Shouldn't selling such a powerful item to an NPC be handled through role-playing?

Well, worry yourself no more. Download the free 23 card "Buying Encounter" deck to use in such circumstances.
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Practical Jokes and Gnome Village

How to inject humor into your campaign with practical jokes. And since gnome are well known as pranksters, a gnome village is included!
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