24/04/06: Crag Manor II


Continue the quest to regain the Manor.

Score 1036


303cy, Month of Heat, 1st day; 1st of Eleint, 1491 DR

Kipp quietly opens the crack. Looking in he sees two tiefling women. One is knitting and one is cutting meat from a haunch. The group does a big of the 'telephone game', then Throz proceeds in.

Throz enters surprising the women. He speaks to them in undercommon as they, not understanding, speak in krymatarian. Kipp casts comprehend languages on himself. Kridaria casts tongues on Roliza. The women speak of the chattle they are charged to watch over. At one point, they mention offspring.

They speak with the five women. Dawnbringer believes them to to be thralls; people who are charmed by the vampire lord. Generally vampires do not allow living servants who are not thralls.

Stepping into the throne room, Kaldago announces, "I'm home" as he summons his mace.

The reply is, "you should have stayed dead uncle."

Kaldago moves to line of sight and says, "that throne does not belong to you."

Jerico is sitting on the throne, a female thrall kneeing, a hand laying on the head of each. "yes it does."

"you did not earn-"

"yes I did."

"I'm here to reclaim"

"you're here so I can finish what was started hundreds of years ago."

Jerico then raises his left hand, gesturing towards Kaldago, a swirling of mist lightly coalescing around him.

  • Kipp casts invisibility.
  • Kridaria steps up behind Kaldago and casts death ward, then steps back out of line of sight.
  • Throz casts shatter on the bone devil and one of the spawns.
  • As one of the spawns between the party and the move towards the party and Kaldago's readied eldritch blast hits Jerico. The eldritch energy is partially dissipated by Jerico's armor.
  • Kaldago marks Jerico with the Raven Queen's blessing, then attacks the spawn in his face.
  • A second spawn attacks Kaldago, grappling him.
  • Jerico moves forward, half dragging his thralls with him.
  • Eldath attacks the one grappling Kaldago, breaking the arm grappling him.
  • The one caught in the shatter, dashes behind Throz. It stubbles and Throz punches at it; missing.
  • Roliza moves up to the spawn behind Throz while she conjures a pair of giant snakes. beside the bone devil and casts shillega on her staff.

round #2

  • Kipp throws out a puff ball towards the bone devil and command the tiger that emerges to attack. The tiger bites the bone devil.
  • The shadows of the lair rise up and grapple Kipp.
  • Kridaria brings out Dawnbringer and attacks the shadow, dispelling it.
  • A spawn attacks Roliza, raking her face and breaking her concentration, causing the snakes to go away.
  • Throz draws his flame tongue, flame on, and attacks the spawn nearest him.
  • Jerico moves beside Kridaria while the spawn by Kaldago flanks him, but still can't hit him.
  • Kaldago becomes an investiture of flame and become fire.
  • Jerico grapples Kridaria.
  • A spawn moves in to flank Throz, missing.
  • Jerico picks up Kridaria, bites her, moves beside Roliza, still holding Kridaria, and slashes Roliza.
  • Eldeth moves over to attack a spawn on Roliza, attacking with her pick.
  • One heavily damaged by Throz turns to mist and moves out of the combat.
  • The bone devil spear Throz, then rakes two claws on the tiger; regrettably, neither die.
  • Roliza casts grasping vine, attempting to pull Jerico away; failing. She attacks with primal savagery on a spawn.
  • Jerico bites Kridaria again.

round #3

  • Kipp backstabs Jerico, then slides away, next to Kipp.
  • The walls begin wail. Roliza and Throz are held in place in fear.
  • Kridaria calls for spirit guardians (lv4; 21pts). She turns off light bringer, and puts her away. Dawnbringer cries, "no! use me!"
  • The first spawn disengages out of the combat, away from the spirit guardians.
  • Throz hits a flurry of blows on the spawn near him and uses second wind.
  • Another spawn disengages away from the spirit guardians
  • Kaldago chases down the spawns who are running away. He selects the closest, hitting her twice, but she does not disintegrate.
  • That spawn turns to mist and moves away from Kaldago.
  • Eldeth chases down one of the spawn and it turns to mist.
  • The one vampire mist inside the spirit guardians radius is destroyed by the spirit guardians.
  • The bone devil finishes the tiger, steps toward Kridaria and hits her with its tail. It then retreats from the spirit guardians attacking Kipp.
  • Roliza tries to use her grasping vine to grab a spawn, failing. She tries to frost bite Jerico, also missing.

round #4

  • Kipp dimension doors away from Jerico. He pulls out a healing potion and pulls off the cork.
  • Kridaria (spirit guardians = 16) moves towards the bone devil and Jerico to put them inside the spirit guardians. As she walks, she pulls her shield and straps it on. She casts healing word on Throz.
  • Jerico moves away from the spirit guardians.
  • A spawn by Kaldago disengages and runs away.
  • Throz runs beside Kridaria, drops his sword, the flames extinguishing, and casts lighting bolt at the bone devil.
  • A whisp of shadows reaches out, grappling and restraining Roliza and Throz.
  • A spawn attempts to run away from Kaldago, without disengaging, and is disintegrated.
  • Kaldago chases down Jerico, hitting once.
  • A spawn, in mist, closes towards Kipp and returns to normal form.
  • Another misty spawn is blasted by the spirit guardians.
  • Jerico runs from Kaldago, who misses him.
  • He grab Roliza, grappling her, and bites her.
  • Eldeth runs to Jerico, hitting him with the holy water mace; missing twice.
  • The bone devil spears and claws Kridaria.
  • Roliza wild shapes to a fire elemental, getting released by Jerico in the process. She then attacks Jerico and he catches fire.
  • Jerico then grapples Eldeth.

round #5

  • Kipp drinks the open potion and drops the bottle. Kipp throws an ape from the bag and tell it to attack the vampire.
  • The shadow disappears and the walls again wail. Throz, Roliza, Kaldago, and Eldeth are all frozen in fear.
  • Kridaria (spirit guardians = 15) lights of Dawnbringer and attacks the bone devil; missing.
  • A spawn grapples and bites Kipp.
  • Throz hits the bone devil with shatter, and grabs his sword and flame on.
  • Kaldago turns to Jerico and flames Jerico, whose legendary resistance partially protects him. 
  • A spawn slashes wildly at the ape.
  • Jerico bites Eldeth.
  • Eldeth moves her hunters mark, breaks the grapple, and swings the mace... holy water splashing across him. He cries, "you bitch!"
  • Jerico moves away.
  • The bone devil hammers at Kridaria... and only gets the shield.
  • Roliza attempts to snare Jerico and flies around him, and wails on him.

round #6

  • Kipp stabs the spawn, his swashbuckler getting her right in the face.
  • The walls stop wailing as the shadow reappears, trying to grapple Roliza and Eldeth; succeeding on both.
  • Jerico moves towards Kipp.
  • Kridaria (spirit guardians = 22) swings Dawnbringer, slicing the holy weapon through the underneath, staggering and stunning the devil. She casts healing word on herself.
  • A spawn bites Kipp.
  • Throz steps up and begins bashing the bone devil... finishing it. It drops an empty soul coin. Throz runs towards Jerico.
  • Kaldago uses a blessing of the Raven Queen to step towards Jerico. He eldritch blasts the vampire, knocking him to the ground.
  • Eldeth releases her most powerful magic in magic missiles, slamming into Jerico, partially deflected by his armor.
  • Roliza breaks the grapple and flies at Jerico and returns to her normal form.

round #7

  • Kipp burns his tattoo for blink.... and goes nowhere.
  • Kipp is marked by the lair.
  • Kridaria dashes towards Jerico and second winds.
  • A spawn attack Kipp, hitting, and is hit with telekinetic reprisal.
  • Throz runs up and throws a lighting bolt.
  • Kaldgo flanks Jerico and attacks with his mace... and Jerico turns to dust.
  • The next to last spawn staggers away from Kipp, hit as she goes, reaches the wall, turns to mist and goes through.
  • Roliza casts mass cure wounds.

round #8

  • Kipp moves to the last remaining spawn, stubbles misses her and stumbles away and goes ethereal.
  • Kridaria moves up, placing the last spawn within the spirit guardians.
  • The spirit guardians blast the spawn, who becomes mist.
  • Kaldago collects the soul of the misted vampire.

The party takes a moment to discuss options. First on the list is track the spawn that got away and search for others. They find several coffins on the main floor, including one where the escaped spawn appears comatose. Kaldago collects the soul of that spawn.

Kaldago sends the first soul on a raven to the Raven Queen, well aware that he broke his third pact when he destroyed Jerico.

The party questions Dawnbringer about a number of things.

  • because no one died from the vampire bites, they simply need time to recover.
  • the marking that Jerico did, seemed to be something unique that Dawnbringer had never encountered, nor been educated about, despite her extensive knowledge of vampires.
  • Dawnbringer surmises that perhaps Jerico was a first generation vampire lord, somehow turned by Kas...?
  • Dawnbringer also advises that with his passes, his spawns will now increase in power, as they are no longer bound.

The party finishes searching the upper floors, finding Kaldago's old room and the room where he last saw his mother. It appears very similar, but far dustier, as to the last time he saw it. They do find some valuables, jewels and gold, but not the Sword of Kas.

The party then returns to the cells. The tiefling women there are somewhat confused, an obvious sign that their time as a thrall has ended. The party discovers this is quite the horror show.

  • there are 16 cells. there are 12 human women in the cells. 10 of the human women are pregnant. Several are due very soon.
  • a sire would come every month or so, impregnating the women.
  • women would sometimes not live through the mating, others would die in childbirth. They then became the meat for those here.
  • new women would be delivered every so often.
  • the children will always be born tiefling.
  • each of the caretakers used to be members of the Cleaning Fist.
  • Each of the caretakers are crippled in some way either in training or combat and so unfit to serve. They were sent here to serve. At first they were unhappy about it, but after meeting with the master, happy to serve.
  • one of the care takers had already committed suicide before the party came down.
  • the others are confused about what has been done and why they were ok with it.

The party discusses Kaldago's father's sword. Roliza cast water breathing, then they head to shore. She summons a number of giant seahorses and they begin their search. It takes about an hour for the party to find the Holy Avenger. It is pitted as through acid had been sprayed across it.

Kridaria finds that being near the sword, brings an unexplainable sense of sorrow and sadness.

The day being at an end, and the party being exhausted, they find a place to hole up and get some rest.

- end of session -


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