24/06/08: Borag Has Fallen

24/06/08: Borag Has Fallen


The troupe must move on through.

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He is lost…” The words echo in your ears as the realization hits you that Borag is dead. Tears sting your eyes and your legs feel weak. There are no words….


First order of business will be for the party and others to get Kray and Calnassé to Anton’s wagon so they may be healed. Their healing, however, will not be swift as they have been afflicted with a poison that slows healing and diminishes the effects of healing magicks.

Anton will determine that both of them have been poisoned with a poison that is called Vethrizal Venom and it is both rare and expensive.

Once Kray and Calnassé are situated in Anton’s wagon, Mother Salvensa will tell the troupe that there will be no more traveling this day and that camp should be made immediately – even though it is not quite sulset. A clearing next to the road nearby will provide enough room for the troupe to set the wagons and establish the camp. MotherSalvensa will tell the party that they should not assist with setting camp, however, as she has some things she wishes to discuss with them. She will ask Vestia to set their wagon while she brings the party over to her coach. Brayan will accompany them.

Once there, Brayan will take Mother’s rocking chair down from her wagon and set it upon the ground for her to use.

Now, my children, you undoubtedly vish to know vat has happened to our two Bonduran and our beloved Borag. Ov dis I know but a little until I can speak vith Kray and Calnassé. But I can tell you dis: Der vas a man who came to da camp who named himself Tadas Sid. Have you heard ov him?

Dis man, Sid, he is a member ov a highly secretive organization dat is known as da Comity of dee Unseen Star. Dese are ones dat ve do not know vether to trust or not. But he claimed
to have invormation on da ones dat are stalking our troupe. He said dat he vould show us dee evidence ov dis and dat he vould help us if ve accompanied him. I cast a spell dat would tell me if he ver lying and da magicks said he vas telling true. As such, our Bonduran determined to accompany him to dis unnamed place somver near da town. Dis is all I know save dat it would appear at dis moment, dat my magicks failed me… and dis has caused the loss ov our precious Borag” (tears come to her eyes). “In dis, I truly do not understand how I could have been so wrong.

"In any case, I am confident dat Calnassé and Kray shall give us much more information ven dey have rested some. But herein is another problem. Ven I cast healing upon Kray, my magicks did not affect him in da vay dat dey should. Anton vil soon determine for certain, but I believe dat dey are afflicted with a poison dat resists healing magicks. I suspect a venom called Vethrizal but I do not know for sure. Do not be concerned. They vil be fine but it vil take some days to get dem back to their full strength.

"Vethrizal Venom is an expensive and potent poison that significantly reduces the effectiveness of healing magicks and potions for a prescribed period of time."

Now, before I continue, tell me ov your adventure into da temple of Jinxx. Do not leave out any detail as dis might be important to our safety.

She asks to see the jester’s cap and might cast an identification spell upon it, telling the players that it is “quite special” and a “gift from da von who laughs last.” The mention of the Dark Elves  will give Salvensa some pause. If they show her the letter, she will look at it and drop it to the ground as she mouths the name “Noxica”… If asked about the name she will say only that “I know dis name… but only from a dream.” She will speak no more on that topic.

Kasma sees the face of a beautiful dark elven face. “I have seen dis face too. It is da face of von who vould do harm to us all. Beware her, my children. She is powerful and most dangerous.”  

Now, my children, I vil tell you a secret that you must swear to keep to yourselves. Even from da other members ov da troupe. Do you swear on your lives dat you vil keep dis secret?” 

“Vat I shall tell you is only known by da Bonduran ov da Blue Veil. None others in da troupe know vat I am about to tell you. Ve are not as ve might seem. Yes, my children, ve are very much not dis. Ve serve a group of powerful patrons dat I can speak little ov. In truth, I know much less dan you might think. Most look upon us as just traveling folk… Shizzats. Dat is but our stance to da vorld. Our true mission is to gather da information dat our patrons vish us to gather. And to do certain jobs as dey require us to do. Dis is vy some ov you are being trained up as Agents of Jinxx and, perhaps, someday, Agents of Kizmya or even Haleona. And vy all ov you are trained vis sword and spell. Do you understand vat I am saying to you?”

Let the party react some… ask some questions… for the most part, she will be vague. Any questions they ask that you are unsure of, she simply does not know.

“Yes, yes… I know dat you have many questions. I vil do my best to answer as I am able to do so. As you know, ve are a people with no real borders. Ve travel across much of the settled lands of vestern Verdestia and, though our presence is not velcome in da towns and villages, ve are able to gather much information from dose dat come to our carnivalles. And yes, some ov us are able to enter da towns surreptitiously, and gather even more. Beyond dis, you vould be surprised vat a drunken councilor, guard captain, or lord might reveal during a gambling match ven dey are vinning and a pretty lass or handsome lad is giving dem de appropriate “affections”… if you get my meaning. Even more can be learned later under varm blankets in da discretion ov a Blue Veil vagon. Yes, my children, ve are paid vell for gaining da information dat our patrons desire.”

“My Zatis, dis is not all dat ve do for our patrons. Quite often, in fact, dey ask us to explore lost ruins and ancient holds to locate certain magical items and other valuable treasures. Dese places may lie vhere others might not be able to travel – such as across a border in a rival sovereignty. Dis is vy ve train so heavily in our martial and magical crafts. Dese places are dangerous vis many monsters and dangerous beasts. To accomplish vat our patrons vish, ve must be capable ov dealing vis such creatures to gain vat ve have been charged with obtaining." 

“Now, dis comes to da next thing I must ask of you. On da morrow, ve shall continue heading east towards da King’s Bridge, and den Prondadol far beyond. But ve must make a stop. Der is a long destroyed castle dat sits in da voods a mile or so off da road. It is a dangerous place vith many evil creatures in and around da area ver it stands. It is named Estranoch for da lord dat lived der long ago."

"And, my children, dat name is cursed."

"Our patrons have told us dat der is an item dat dey vish us to procure from dis ruin. And ve may not refuse dis request. In most situations, Borag and Calnassé vould do dis task vit some ov da other Bonduran. But I cannot risk having most ov our best varriors and magists go der and leave da wagons unguarded. I regret dat I must ask you to do dis deed, my children. Ve vill arm you vit magicks and items dat vil aid you in dis quest. And I vill send Vestia vit you as vell. But she is all dat we can spare vit our Borag gone and Kray and Calnassé so vounded."

"But I am also confident dat you can do dis thing. Der is more to you dan meets the eye, my Zatis. Much more “I do not know for certain vat or whom is stalking our troupe. Ve have been avare of strange happenings for at least two months. I do believe dat the Duna’hadrine, vich are da Dark Elves, have a part in dis. But my sight has told me dat der is much more to da puzzle. A thing ov great evil. Powerful and vile. I vish I could tell you more, but dis is all dat I know save one thing….

I believe der is a traitor in our midst. Yes Zatis, von ov our own, or perhaps more dan von, is planning to betray us to da vons dat come against us. 

Your conversation is interrupted by a strange hooting cry that echoes from the forest just beyond the clearing where the wagons have been set. It is impossible to know what made the noise as the thick wood fully borders the glade – and the road on both sides. Brayan rises to his feet, staff in hand. Then you hear another cry answering the first. 

Your conversation is interrupted by a strange hooting cry that echoes from the forest just beyond the clearing where the wagons have been set. It is impossible to know what made the noise as the thick wood fully borders the glade – and the road on both sides. Brayan rises to his feet, staff in hand. Then you hear another cry answering the first. heads sporting small, misshapen horns. They are about four feet tall with a hunched posture that is almost ape-like, and covered in dark-green fur that looks black in the late af ’noon light. They move very fast – hooting and screeching as they come – their blood-red eyes, sharp claws, and fanged, slavering mouths making clear their malevolent intent.

flogboggins come running out of the forest.

round 1.

  • Odin casts entangle.
  • Kasma casts mage armor from her ring.
  • flogboggins red 1-4 engage the party
    • Jordian is bit for 3pts.
    • Brayan is missed.
    • Kasma is slashed and bit. 11pts.
    • Taeleen is bit and slashed for 12pts.
  • Taeleen steps in and kills the one on Kasma.
  • flogboggins red 5-8 engage the party
    • only #7 makes it to Brayan
  • Wen Mei decapitates #7.
  • flogboggins orange 1-4 engage the party. None make it.
  • Jordanian backs up, blesses Wen Mei, Odin, and Taeleen. He spares the dying on the one Taeleen took down.
  • flogboggins orange 5-8 engage the party. None make it.
  • Brayan takes out one and engages more.
  • flogboggins purple 1-4 engage the party. None make it.

round 2.

  • Odin.moves up and cast thunderwave. 1 dies, red #3 and red #8 take 4pts. Then becomes a bear.
  • Kasma steps back and casts burning hands from the ring. Step back, hands Mother Salvensa the Wand of Dying Fire, then says the command word, "pineapple"
  • Mother Salvensa points the wand and says "pineapple" and sends all three at one bearing down on her.
  • flogboggins green 1-4 appear.
  • Taeleen runs up and kills one on Brayan, then steps back and in front of Mother Salvensa.
  • red #8 charges in on, tripping, stubbling and ending up in Odin's face. green 5-8 appear.
  • Wen Mei moves next to Odin, killing another.
  • flogboggins orange 1-4. Brayan is hit for 9pts. attack on Wen Mei (bit for 6pts) and Odin (bit for 3pts in bear).
  • Jordanian moves next to Mother Salvensa and sacred flames one; missing.
  • flogboggins orange 5-8 engage. One attacks Brayan (21pts and he goes down), 2x attacks on Wen Mei (only one bite for 5pts)
  • Brayan is unconscious.
  • flogboggins purple 1-4 engage the party.
  • Vestia arrives. She casts fireball at the incoming wave, killing 6 of the 8 in the field.

round 3.

  • Odin mauls a pair of them and steps over Brayan to cover him.
  • Kasma firebolts one coming around towards her and mother, killing it.
  • Mother Salvensa again uses the wand, taking out the next closest.
  • flogboggins green #4 runs towards the party.
  • Taeleen runs over by Wen Mei and takes out one and moves out.
  • flogboggins green #8 runs towards the party.
  • Wen Mei. one hit, one kill.
  • flogboggins orange #1 & #2 attack Odin (12pts)
  • Jordanian casts healing word on Brayan (+7pts), then wake up Brayan.
  • flogboggins orange 5 is stuck in the entagnlement. orange #6 attack Odin (miss) and #7 attack Wen Mei (hit for 4pts).
  • As Brayan crawls out from under Odin he is clawed (6pts). He stands, attacks, and thwacks himself (6pts) then kills orange #1.
  • flogboggins purple #4 moves around and attack Taeleen, biting for 4pts
  • Vestia firebolts the one on Taeleen to death.
  • Grayson and Grelda grant bardic inspiration to Wen Mei and Odin.

round 4.

  • Odin kill a pair and charges towards the incoming pair.
  • Kasma firebolts one... barely. Still alive.
  • flogboggins green #4 attacks Odin for 7pts.
  • Mother Salvensa uses a third charge, dropping the one Kasma shot.
  • Taeleen sees three left, moves up, shooting the one on Odin; killing it.
  • flogboggins green #8, biting for 7pts.
  • Wen Mei charges the one on Odin, killing it.
  • Jordanian spares one and looks at them
  • Brayan, Vestia, Grayson and Grelda survey the scene, finding only one alive, caught in the entranglement.

round 5.

  • Odin drops the entanglement as he charges the last one and grapples it.
  • The party watches the show.
  • The flogboggin misses.

round 6

  • Odin drags the flogboggin towards the party, Odin drops the to ground and restrains it.
  • flogboggin claws Odin, dropping him out of beastshape.

round 7.

  • Odin continues to hold asking the tie up the creature. They do,

As the other flogboggins in the forest run away, Odin sees a glimpse of a smallish humanoid with dark, blue-silver skin and small horns laughing as it disappears into the forest.  

As Odin and Jordanian start to discuss discuss tracking the creatures, the leaders forbid this fool's errand. Odin tells about the creatures. It is known that members of the unseelie courts are are dangerous, depraved, and hate both humanity and elven-kin.

Mother Salvensa identifies these unseelie fey and the one that Odin saw as a noble unseelie. The party kicks the three living away and move on. 

12/15/1212. portents [13, 1]

The morning comes with a gray, shrouded sky and a chill wind that blows from the north. About you, the troupe breaks camp in near silence – the quiet broken only here and there by stifled crying or outright weeping coming from one or another of your kin. A feeling that is both foreboding and grief-stricken hangs over the camp.

It is surreal. Borag is Dead. Calnassé and Kray nearly slain. The three are the most capable warriors you have ever known. Who could have bested them so? And are the ones that did it still stalking the troupe? Perhaps, even now, watching from the shadows of the tree cover? As you ponder these things, Vestia appears before you. Her eyes are swollen and red; her face stern and hard.

Come my Zatis. It is again our time. I have the wagon ready."

The Lead Wagon drives ahead of the troupe caravan and checks the road for both dangers and opportunities.  

Vestia will remain somber during the travel. But she will also be comforting to any of the party that seem to be grieving. She might relate a tale or two about Borag. “I remember him when we were young. He was always smiling. Though perhaps the strongest person the troupe has ever seen… his heart was tender and there was a kindness in his ways.”  

The road continues to the east under the cover of the forest. This, coupled with the thin cloud-cover above, makes the way somewhat shrouded and dark. On the other hand, the chill winter breeze is muted beneath the boughs of Bluepine and Silver Oak – which makes your journey far more comfortable than if you were in the open. That said, the dark, shadowy forest is also somewhat unnerving. The wind makes the branches about you creak and moan, and, wind or not, it is still quite cold. Suddenly, the horses stop on their own, neighing and prancing in their harnesses. Vestia looks about… “Something is wrong, Zatis… prepare yourselves."

Suddenly, charging towards you from the shadows on the road ahead can be seen a large pack of big, yellow-eyed canines. Although nearly large enough to be wolves, it becomes obvious as they approach that they are actually large hounds, and they move with great speed. 

 - end of session -



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