24/03/08: Lord of the Citadel


And the coin.

Score 563


29th of Eleasis1491 DR

active spells.

  • Tom. pass with trace. 45 minutes remain.
  • Isabella. death ward. 7 hours, 40 minutes remaining.
  • Brother Lothus. death ward. 7 hours, 40 minutes remaining.
  • Jinmash. death ward. 7 hours, 40 minutes remaining.
  • Isabella. locate object. 10 minute remaining.

Isabella is concerned about an ambush. Jinmash lifts the pot and focuses on the coin. A roguishly handsome human man, looking be in his 50's with salt and pepper hair, in very fine clothing, cocks his head, takes two strides forward and pokes a finger at the eye of the scrying sensor... and it winks out of existence.

The hallway is 10' wide with 15' high ceilings. The party travels about 50' until they come to a grand pair of ornate, iron doors that fill the entirety of hall. There is a large pull ring on each door. Brother Lothus prays for guidance on Isabella, then Hmmm checks for traps.

Finding none, she informs the party. Isabella steps up, grabbing the ring on the door on the right. The rest of the party is 15'+ back.

Opening the door, Isabella sees a chamber some 200' across, with a ceiling some 70' up. The first half of the room has several channels of lava and the entire room has an earie subdued light from the lava.

A pair of bearded devils stand ready and the man from the scrying sits on a throne looking chair. The wounded barbed devil is groveling at the base of the dais where the man sits.

The party proceed in, hopping the first lava flow with general ease. 

The man speaks. Despite being halfway across the room, the man speaks calmly and sounds as though his voice carries perfectly. "You have invaded my home. You have slain my underlings. I give this one chance. One of you, surrender your soul to me and your debts will paid and you may leave."

Korinn answers, "we do not agree to those terms."

The party messages between themselves. 

Korinn says, "we are here for one purpose and one purpose only. We are here for a coin in your possession." The man mutters something intelligible and an armored female, warrioress steps through a portal facing the man. She bows deeply, turns and says in infernal, "attend me." Both bearded devils fall into formation on her flank and the barbed devil gets up and follows. 

As the female devil reaches range, Hmmm attempts to use hold person on her. Battle ensues and the party dispatches the erinyes devil, then the bearded devils; Jinmash unleashing a steel wind strike. The man on the throne summons more barbed devils and assumes his true form: that of a pit fiend. The party battles as though their very souls depended on it. During the battle, the following events and actions occurred.

  • the pit fiend uses a special ability to summon a column of flame, which it could use to transport next to opponents and attack them; he does this continually through the combat.
  • Isabella calls forth spirit guardians, but the pit fiend continually evades them.
  • Korinn was nearly killed once.
  • Brother Lothus was knocked unconscious, but Isabella was able to rouse him. He was saved from death by his death ward.
  • Jinmash was nearly killed by the pit fiend, but the death ward saved him too.
  • Brother Lothus summoned the celestial Dyrellinithus.
  • Isabella used lay on hands to recover Brother Lothus.
  • At some point Dyrellinithus throws a holy symbol to Isabella; it is the symbol of the sun, but not the rising sun.
  • Brother Lothus becomes a target of the pit fiend. Korinn dimension doors the pair of them behind the side table near the throne.
  • When things look dire, Isabella gets next to the pit fiend and divine smites him with everything she can muster. She finds that the holy symbol add to her smite and the pit fiend is blasted out of existence.

The group makes for the table where Korinn and Brother Lothus have found Soul Coins. As everyone gets in range, Brother Lothus prays for mass healing. As they are trying to figure out what to do, they hear the stomping of marching boots coming from the two passage ways into this hall. 

With only one choice, they each grab a pair of coins and are each surprised at the weight of the coins. Isabella leads them through the portal. On the other side, at the far end of the room, a bone devil stands ready, activating an eldritch trap that traps the party within a time stop.

- end of session -


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