2023-12-29 'Out the Window'

2023-12-29 'Out the Window'


The exciting conclusion of the recovery of the stolen church property

Score 621

Begin: 5/7/76 07:00 End: 6/2/76 06:00
Players Characters Initial XP Earned XP Total XP
Bill Webb Haan 1801 741 2542
Ken Shores Solomon 1801 741 2542
Paige Curran Brae 1801 741 2542

2023-12-29  'Out the Window'

Characters (Players):

Haan (Bill Webb) 

Solomon (Ken Shores)

Brae (Paige Curran)


Campaign Date: 5th Vild of Spring 76 KC

Having just emerged from the wet slog of clearing out the sewer exit route, the party was in front of Arlo's shop discussing their next steps – such as splitting the treasure and getting a good night's rest in preparation for exploring the secret door beneath Cynthia's shop the next day – when Roberts rode up and said that he had a lead on the possible whereabouts of the stolen church property with bandits in the Burrills foothills and that he urgently needed their help.   Cynthia found out she was not available in any case due to an urgent task and said that waiting a few days was not a problem.  The party agreed to help Roberts for 15 royals up front plus 15 royals more if they successfully recovered the church property (and with the church supplying the horses and tack necessary for the trip.)  The party split up the treasure and went back to the Lost Boatman to sleep for the night (a sleep which was restful despite the brief ringing of the bells in the middle of the night for no apparent reason.) 

The party got up at sunrise and went to the Adventurer's guild, where there was a bit of discussion between Arlo and Roberts over the fact that the bandits were Blackthorne's Banshees – apparently former customers of Arlo's who stiffed him on the purchase of poison – so Arlo agreed to provide directions to their location in an old mining camp a few hours north of Burrill in exchange for recovery of his poison if found. 

The party rode north and on the road the first day were attacked by a flock of stirges but dispatched them without much difficulty.  Upon arrival in Burrill, Roberts arranged for the party to rest in the Sword Brethren stable, as Burrill has but one inn and it lacked available space. 

In the morning, the party headed to the location of the bandits' camp, and on approach left the horses near the road and went the remainder on foot through the woods.  Upon closing with the camp, they came across two young bandits, one of whom released a pair of mastiffs that the party quickly killed.  The young bandits fled and the party rushed forward to engage.  Haan and Brae took on a bandit who emerged from the outhouse and then one of the young bandits who was popping up with crossbow shots from a small building.

Meanwhile, Roberts rushed the door of the main building and Solomon caught the occupant (the bandit leader Rowan Blackthorne) offguard by leaping into the building through a window.  Solomon and Roberts engaged in a somewhat comical battle with Blackthorne with critical misses resulting in both Solomon and Roberts on the floor at various times.  

Blackthorne managed to get a few good hits in with his poisoned scimitar, and then leapt through a window trying to escape from Solomon – who promptly followed.  Two more bandits appeared – including a very large one wielding a mace – and Roberts and Brae took them on (with Brae wielding her Ironhold Defender shortsword.)  After some prolonged battle, they managed to kill both bandits.  At that point the young crossbow sniping bandit leapt out the window to flee only to be both blasted back by the waiting Haan and skewered by Brae. 

Roberts went around to rejoin Solomon just in time to see Blackthorne surrender – the bandit captain pleaded for his life, noting that he meant no harm to the Church – the man who stole the church property had joined his gang afterwards.  He also noted he had important information, and provided the location of a merchant, Jerome Humphries (of Dunning, Hays and Humphries Provisions) manacled in the root cellar that they were holding for ransom. 

The party searched the camp and found the Church property (a bound book of Church records and an gold amulet used to administer the Oath of Peace), which Roberts took. There were numerous weapons, armor, purses with royals and stars, a book on animal loading, and an alchemist kit.  The party also recovered two horses – one with the Church brand on it. The party found quite a bit of trade goods – bolts of very fine silk, spices, bundle of furs, large tusks, and there was a moment of confusion when the merchant Humphries sought to be reunited with his goods - although Brae called him out on it and Humphries confessed that they were entitled to a salvor's fee for their recovery of the goods.  

The party loaded everything up and rode the entire distance back, hoping to rest safe in New Carillon late that evening.  Alas, upon reaching the North city entrance, they received instead a hostile reception by the guards – and were told that entrance would be denied. 


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