2024-04-12 'Comic Covert Rescue at the Mine'

2024-04-12 'Comic Covert Rescue at the Mine'


The party finishes up at the Cymarson Estate and goes to rescue little Jimmy

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Begin: 6/7/76 End: 7/2/76 14:00

2024-04-12 ’Comic Covert Rescue at the Mine’



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Bill Webb





Ken Shores





Paige Curran






Characters (Players):

Solomon Howard (Ken Shores)

Brae Nightingale (Paige Curran)

Haan Gaeleath (Bill Webb) 


Campaign Date:  7th Tvir Spring 76 KC

The session began with the party preparing for an impromptu bonfire in the courtyard to destroy the wight’s body when they were ambushed by a second Vargouille. They quickly dispatched the creature, and then rescued the farmer’s son (Taran) who was tied up in dog pen.  Taran rushed to his fallen father and swore to avenge his death.

The party lit the bonfire and then searched the first level of the estate. The search revealed some previously vandalized rooms that included a study, a master bedroom, and a dining room.  They then moved out through the kitchen and out the garden side door heading towards the back of the manor, where they encountered a jackalwere and caught a brief glimpse of another small creature going invisible. They managed to slay the jackalwere and extinguish a black summoning candle, although the invisible creature did not engage and was not seen again.

The party went up the steps to the second floor, first entering the well-appointed daughter’s room. Amid the personal effects in the daughter's chamber were resplendent clothes and a small chest of fine construction – apparently the twin of the one from the pirate's lair in the sewer that jabbed Solomon with a poison needle. After opening the chest with care, they found two gold bars, beautiful jewelry, and two potions. Before leaving the second floor, the party explored the adjacent bunkroom and killed the animated map that had previously attacked Dennis.

Returning outdoors, they examined the fallen jackalwere and found a note referencing a meeting at the old church near Carillon Castle ruins. They also investigated the table with the summoning candle, finding vials of blood and an engraved box. Solomon poured out the vials and, upon opening the box, triggered a fiery explosion. Slightly singed, he left the box and the slagged candles with Roberts for the Church to dispose of.

In the second guardhouse on the western wall, the group discovered a desk with a binder of estate records & bills, a drawer with house guard tabards, and several scroll tubes including a scroll of sending, a note from Master Bernard Cymarson, and a "Sell List" of valuable household items.

Having cleared out everything, they prepared to leave. Roberts asked if the party would house-sit the estate (until the King determined its disposition) for payment of 4 royals a week, and they agreed. They decided to let Taran join the party, after he said he had no chance of keeping the family farm going without his father.  Taran thanked the them and went home to get his stuff and relocate to the manor.

The party went to Arlo’s and sold their accumulated treasure – Arlo bought most of it aside from a healing option (Solomon holding), a blue gown (Brae holding), and an onyx pendant.  Arlo lamented that little Jimmy hadn’t shown up that day for his shift. Cynthia came by, remarked on Solomon’s more-blackened-than-usual state, and inquired if the party (when it has some free time) would be willing to further explore beneath her shop – in particular, down the tunnel on the other side of the ravine as she had some suspicions of what lay there and it might be very helpful to her research.

The party then went back to the Lost Boatman to rest, and the proprietor Gunther handed them a scroll tube that had been dropped off containing a note from one named "Nightblade”.   Nightblade said he was holding Jimmy hostage to seek revenge for the death of his son Ned and the note was accompanied by a bloody human ear. Nightblade threatened to dismember Jimmy further if the party did not appear at noon in two days' time at the abandoned mining camp north of Burrill, where they fought the bandits the first time.  The party equipped themselves with horses (and a mule for Taran) and informed Arlo that they knew of Jimmy’s whereabouts. Arlo looked stricken and asked to come along to help rescue Jimmy.

The next day they all headed north, spent the night in modest accommodations at the inn in Burrill, and the following morning continued to the mine. The party left Taran and the animals about a mile south of the mine and snuck around to approach the mine slowly through the woods from the north.

Dennis did recon of the camp, spotting two goblins on the main road to the mining camp but nothing else.  The quieter characters in the party moved forward to kill the goblin sentries discreetly, but Haan opted instead to ensnare them in spike growth so they went down screaming.

The party regrouped in the woods near the mine entrance and had Dennis do more recon into the mine entrance, finding a handful of goblins and a rogue just inside.  Haan approached the mine via the road, and a goblin came out demanding they surrender Ned’s killer.  Haan said that the party would not hand “her” over, while surrounded the goblin and mine entrance with spike growth.  They continued to argue, with Haan baiting them to come out (including making an illusion of Brae appear.)   The goblin turned to move back inside the mine and dropped dead, having been shredded by the spikes.


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