The realm of Evernigh under the power of Apuch the Sun Thief

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As the echoes of the final judgment faded, I found myself plunged into the infernal depths of Hell. The air here was thick with the stench of sulfur and ash, burning my lungs with every breath. The ground beneath my feet was jagged and unforgiving, a twisted landscape of obsidian and fire. Above, the sky was a perpetual twilight, a sickly red glow casting an eerie light over the land, devoid of stars.  Everywhere I looked, I saw the grand pyramids of the Archdevils, towering structures of dark stone and shadow. They loomed over the horizon, each radiating a distinct aura of dread and despair. Chains and bindings were etched into every surface, symbols of the inescapable torment that awaited. From the Diary of Lythnor the Condemned

The Pyramids of Hell

Each Archdevil's pyramid is a massive, foreboding structure, symbolizing their power and influence over Hell. These pyramids are places of dark rituals, binding contracts, and endless suffering, each uniquely tailored to the domain and nature of the ruling Archdevil.

The Role of Souls in Hell

  • Binding Contracts: Souls are bound to Hell through intricate contracts and agreements, each one meticulously crafted to ensure eternal servitude and suffering.
  • Feeding the Archdevils: The light of Evermorn can only enter Evernigh through mortal souls. The Archdevils sustain their immortality and power by drawing this light from the bound souls, perpetuating a cycle of condemnation and consumption.
  • Courts and Judgment: Hell operates under a strict system of courts and judgment, where souls are tried and condemned according to the ancient laws. The Archdevils and their infernal judges take pleasure in the meticulous enforcement of these laws, ensuring that every soul receives its due punishment.

In this dark and twisted hierarchy, the Archdevils rule with an iron fist, their power sustained by the suffering and condemnation of mortal souls, all under the shadow of Apuch, the Sun Thief.

The Hierarchy of Hell

The Primal God of Hell

Apuch the Sun Thief:

  • Title: The Forsaken Lord of Shadows
  • Attributes: Deprived of physical form, forbidden from direct intervention in Evermorn. Apuch's essence pervades Hell, and he is worshipped by all devils. He symbolizes eternal darkness, corruption, and the perversion of light.
  • Role: Apuch inspires and guides the seven Archdevils through whispers and visions, ensuring Hell remains a realm of dark order and legality.

The Seven Archdevils

Each Archdevil rules over a specific aspect of Hell, their dominions marked by massive pyramids that symbolize their power and influence. They maintain order through cruel justice, complex legal contracts, and punitive sadism. They sustain their immortality through the binding and condemnation of mortal souls.

Breaga, the Adjudicator of Chains

  • Title: The Lord of Enslavement
  • Domain: The Pyramid of Chains
  • Attributes: Breaga governs the enslavement and binding of souls, reveling in intricate contracts and unbreakable pacts. His domain is filled with endless rows of chained souls, each bound by their own infernal agreements.
  • Role: Breaga ensures that all souls entering Hell are properly bound by their sins and oaths, feeding the infernal machinery with their eternal suffering.

Mordara, the Mistress of Despair

  • Title: The Queen of Torments
  • Domain: The Pyramid of Despair
  • Attributes: Mordara delights in psychological torment and despair, breaking the will of the damned through endless cycles of hope and despair. Her domain is a labyrinth of mirrors and echoes, reflecting the darkest fears of souls.
  • Role: Mordara sows despair and hopelessness, ensuring that no soul finds peace or escape from their eternal torment.

Hargon, the Tyrant of Order

  • Title: The Lord of Inquisition
  • Domain: The Pyramid of Order
  • Attributes: Hargon enforces the strict laws and decrees of Hell, meting out punishments with merciless precision. His domain resembles a vast, iron-clad courthouse where souls are judged and condemned.
  • Role: Hargon maintains the order and structure of Hell, ensuring that every punishment is meted out according to the ancient laws.

Disjahna, the Seductress of Lies

  • Title: The Lady of Deception
  • Domain: The Pyramid of Lies
  • Attributes: Disjahna manipulates and deceives souls, binding them with false promises and illusions. Her domain is a web of illusions and falsehoods, where truth is a fleeting concept.
  • Role: Disjahna ensures that souls are eternally deceived, trapped in their own delusions and lies.

Ilamater, the Labyrinth of Suffering

  • Title: The Monarch of Agony
  • Domain: The Pyramid of Agony
  • Attributes: Ilamater personifies physical suffering and pain, inflicting endless torment on the damned. Their domain is a realm of endless torture chambers and instruments of pain.
  • Role: Ilamater sustains Hell through the physical suffering of souls, deriving power from their endless agony.

Apophahn, the Serpent of Treachery

  • Title: The Lord of Betrayal
  • Domain: The Pyramid of Treachery
  • Attributes: Apophahn thrives on betrayal and treachery, orchestrating plots and schemes to ensnare souls. His domain is a maze of shifting sands and serpentine paths, where trust is a deadly illusion.
  • Role: Apophahn ensures that souls are ensnared through their own betrayals and the betrayals of others, perpetuating a cycle of mistrust and deceit.

Misa, the Duchess of Famine

  • Title: The Lady of Desolation
  • Domain: The Pyramid of Desolation
  • Attributes: Misa embodies famine and desolation, starving souls of hope and sustenance. Her domain is a barren wasteland, where souls wander in endless hunger and thirst.
  • Role: Misa sustains Hell through the deprivation and desolation of souls, ensuring they are eternally consumed by their unfulfilled desires.


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