[3] 24/02/25: Rescue Mission

[3] 24/02/25: Rescue Mission


A quest

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303cy, Month of Heat, 1st day; 1st of Eleint, 1491 DR

The Seeker teleports them to a grove that he says in northeast of Krestel. They teleported here because the Seeker had detected the presence of the Sword of Kas in the city. As the are discussing next steps, the Seeker stops the conversation. "Kas has come." He clarifies to state that the avatar of the Blood God now walks the land.

As the sun begins to rise in the east, they realize that a unicorn stands watching them. As Phyllida walks towards the unicorn it walks towards her. They stand face to face for several minutes before the unicorn turns and walks away.

Phyllida walks back to the party and explains that they must free a group of heroes that sent to battle Kas. When pressed for questions, she has now details. He reply instead is. "Athena has asked this. It shall be done.". Honestly, she was lost in the moment and the details were secondary to her.

She agrees to allow the Seeker to read her thoughts. He reveals that the unicorn said that Pelor, God of the Sun, send the heroes to battle Kas. There are six heroes, but seven to be rescued. 

Arabella reveals that herBillOlafBofgarLeeone, and Kathra Battlehammer had snuck into the temple. They had retrieved the Dagger of Vecna, an artifact that had been lost and was hidden in the temple.

Seeing some of them are banged up from the battle earlier in the day in High Fork, the Seeker pulls out a scroll and casts a mass cure wounds on them.

The decision made, they decided to enter the hidden tunnel around high noon. They need to make time, so they make haste. Sars leads them. They loose a little time when reach the river and have to search for a place to cross. Otherwise the travel is uneventful.

As they are approaching the entrance, Sars discusses casting pass without trace. Then a dragonling, that was invisible, reveals itself. It is hovering near Victoria and asks to be included. 

Sars speaks with it, assuming correctly that the Seeker sent it. After a bit, it tells them the Seeker is ready. Moments later, they hear thunder to the northeast. Moving up to where they can see the city in the distance, they see a golden shape flying over the city; it swoops down, breathing fire. The dragonling, Selabass, says. "I think he's picking a fight."

With that, the group begins moving cautiously and carefully, under the protection of pass without trace. With Enil scouting, they come up an umber hulk watching the passageway. He uses his spectral hang to smack it on the butt, then casts minor illusion past the umber hulk with the sound of something moving down the hall; it scurries to investigate.

The party moves past quietly, but quickly, protected by the pass without trace. After about an hour in the tunnel, they reach a wall. It takes Arabella a minute to remember the sequence of events to work the secret door. Then they are through.

The group finds a store room, then a series of cells, and stairs leading upwards.

As Enil scouts, he peers around a corner to see a bone devil... that looks straight at him. Enil turns invisible and continues on past. The bone devil beats on the door, then rushes towards where Enil came from.

Enil, invisible, watches the door while the party engages the bone devil. Between Phyllida's holy weapon and Kaylynn's hexes and eldritch blasts, they become the focus of the bone devil. Kaylynn takes a spike to the chest, while Phyllida takes several rakes with claws. Eventually the party beats it down with Sar getting the final shot. The bone devil had a cache of vials of poison in its chest that breaks when it falls, defeated. Poison gas fills the area.

Back at the door, a pair of barbed devils make their way out of the room. The latter gets back stabbed by Enil. Hadram and Phyllida rush down to engage. The pair are taken down pretty quickly.

Beyond, in the room, a haze fills the center. Within the haze can be seen the shadowy outline of seven individuals. The closest one appears to stand very tall with a sword upheld. In the corners are large crystal monoliths with eldritch energy feeding into the haze.

Zephyr attempts to dispel the magic of one of the columns; he fails. He says a prayer and tries again, succeeding.... and the haze begins to fade....

- end of session -


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