[3] 24/04/14: The Heroes of Pelor

[3] 24/04/14: The Heroes of Pelor


Everyone, and nothing, you'd expect.

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303cy, Month of Heat, 1st day; 1st of Eleint, 1491 DR

Zephyr extends his right arm and opens his palm toward the crystal mounted on column, eldritch energy flow "By the word of Urogalan, I cleanse this magic as I cleanse the mortal shells of the dead." The force of his words seem to echo into room and ripple across the arcane energy, disrupting the flow, and ultimately ending it.

As the pulsing of eldritch energy ends, the dark, hazy cloud begins to fade. As it does, the seven figures within begin to become clear. The first thing to note is that the group appears to have recently been in a battle; blood stains their clothing. Four of them wear cloaks of white, but not just white, the purest of whites. The blood stains on the cloaks seem to have some sort of bright quality as well, seeming almost to glow. The six humanoids all wear backpacks and carry something in their primary hands.

  • The central figure is a warrior decked head to foot in plate mail armor, visor down, wearing one of the cloaks of white, blood stains across the entire upper body, a long pony tail hanging down from the right shoulder. A shield is strapped to the left arm bears the symbol of a rising sun prominently. A medallion with the same sigil hangs from a chain on the warrior's neck. A sword hangs on the warrior's hip; the pommel extends excessively long, shaped like a unicorn's horn. 
  • To the warrior's right is man in a chain shirt, also wearing a similar white cloak, bearing a matching shield and medallion. He wears no helm and a mace is stuffed into his thick adventurer's belt. Despite blood smeared on his face and clothes, he bears not a single wound or bruise.
  • To the central warrior's left is a dragonborn with scales of bronze, also wearing one of the bloodied white cloaks. Dark robes covered in moving eyeballs can be seen peeking out from under the white cloak. He has several wand holsters in his belt, and ornate matching bracelets. Around his neck hangs both a silver choker necklace and  a chain with a medallion on which is the symbol of the rising sun. 
  • A second dragonborn, this one with scales of gold that have a distinctive silver sheen on the edges. This dragonborn has goggles strapped on her face, her own pair of matching bracelets, and several rings. She does not wear either the white cloak, nor a medallion matching the first three. She bears a thick staff, black with burn marks. A wand, looking like an icicle is in her belt. 
  • Behind the second man is what at first appears to be a bear, then is realized to be a dog that is the size of a bear; Every bit as large as the central warrior. A rope seems to have been fashioned into a makeshift harness and the dog is dragging a chest.
  • Beside the bear/dog is a halfling wearing the fourth cloak of white. A bow and pair of near empty quivers cross his back. He wears studded leather armor under his cloak and a small stone seems to be orbiting his head, surely due to some time of magic.
  • The final figure is an elven woman wearing studded leather armor. She is armed; in one of her hands she bears a rapier.

Zephyr tells this new group that they were sent to rescue a group known as the Heroes of Pelor. They reply that they are the Heroes of the Rising Sun, and they serve Lathander, nor Pelor. Zephyr then get very shy and backs off. Enil and Victoria, begin to guide the conversion. Despite saying they were sent to rescue the party, they then requires the other group to remain separate, seaming not to trust the Heroes of the Rising Sun. This then makes the other party members rather concerned... all except Tom. Sars and Tom quickly become thick as thieves and walk together between the two groups. This in turn, puts Brother Lothus at ease, but not most of the rest of the party.

They tell the other group that they are under the temple of an evil god known as Kas the Bloody-Handed or Kas the Destroyer. They quickly step over a dissolving bone devil corpse and make their way towards a secret door leading to a rough hewn passage. Sars casts pass without trace and they make their way away from the catacombs of the evil temple.

Once outside, they are greeted by Arabella. Seleabass, the small dragon that tends to stay with Victoria announces that he has lost his connection to the Seeker.

The two groups discuss options. Both groups want to get someplace safe to rest. They tell the other party that the nearby city is not safe: the avatar of the god Kas walks there. The avatar has been distracted by a benefactor who calls himself the Seeker; a gold dragonborn.

The groups begin the long trek, from southwest of the city to a forest northeast of the city, giving the city a wide berth. During the route, when Sars can no longer cast pass without trace, Tom picks up the job.

At some point, Sars, noting the weight of the coins each of the party carries, he offers to share the load. Isabella thanks him, but declines telling him it is their load to bear.

Also during the walk Isabella asks Brother Lothus and Isabella whisper about something. In the middle of the conversation, Brother Lothus stops and turns a little pale. He seems concerned about something, but does not disclose it. 

As the day begins to wain, the parties come within sight of the forest and proceed to the location that they last saw the Seeker. They explain to the other party that the Seeker teleported them here to find the Sword of Kas, but shortly after arriving, the Seeker explained that "Kas has come."

As the party settles and Brother Lothus cast temple of the gods to create a temple of Lathander as safe, holy ground for the party to rest. Again Victoria and Enil do no trust this and refuse to sleep within. The soul coins are then stored within and Shaggy Dog is told to guard them.

303cy, Month of Heat, 2nd day; 2nd of Eleint, 1491 DR

The next morning, the Heroes of the Rising Sun are up before dawn and Isabella, Brother Lothus, and Jinmash saying morning prayers and singing, much to Enil's chagrin, while Tom, Shaggy Dog, Hmmm, and Korinn look on, the souls piled nearby. As dawn's first light reaches out, it seems to spot light the seven of them. Brother Lothus weeps and when asked what is wrong and what just happened, he explains that they have received the Blessings of the Morning Lord. Even the cleric Zephyr does not know what this phenomenon is.

After breakfast is prepared and eaten, the party proceeds to deal with the soul coins. Several member of the other party are taken aback when, what appears to be a woman's corpse, is retrieved from a back of holding.

As Brother Lothus calls upon Lathander to remove the curse, the coins begins rapidly rust and a spirit exits the coin and goes into the woman's body. With gasp, she takes was seems to be a baby's first breath and sits up. They introduce her as Kerris Terkus, acolyte of Lathander and their charge. They take inventory of the rest of the coins.

  • Kerris Terkus, soul of grace. on one side is a broken heart. On the other is a rising sun.
  • Marcus Delgrana, The Undying King, paladin of Pelor. soul of unique grace. On one side is a king's crown on the other the sign of the sun.
  • Cedric Dern. soul of uncommon grace. On one side is a feather, the other side is a pair of a woman's eyes encircled by seven silver stars
  • Olive Greenwick. cleric of Yondalla. soul of grace. On one side are two nooses, the other side is a cornucopia on a shield
  • Frenya Kerleck. soul of grace. one side has a heart with a dagger in it. The other a fiery haired woman.
  • Blinth Tinskel. just a father who loved his child more than himself. uncommon soul. on one side, a female child on a bed. On the other, a coin and a vial.
  • Nyless Ergon. merchant. common soul. on one side a stack of crates. on the other a dagger in a man's form.
  • Tyler Erwin. common soul. on one side a stack of papers. on the other side a stack of coins.
  • Tywin Erwin. common soul. on one side the jester of tragedy. on the other a pile of coins.
  • Helgar BrokenShaft. common soul. on one side a battle axe. on the other a bull horn as an instrument.
  • Nelara Grasinas. midwife. stolen soul. on one side is the symbol of a broken dice. The other of a baby's head crowning.
  • Kithri. cursed soul. one one side is a bow and arrow. on one side is a card.

One by one, Brother Lothus and Zephyr remove the curses from the coins. Each is mostly the same: They first hold coin and see a memory of the soul within, related to how their soul was trapped. Then the soul is released and rises while fading from view. For the last coin, the halfling seems to have been in the presence of the Seeker when her soul was cursed. Also, when the curse is removed, her spirit instead rises only few feet, looks around, waves to the party, and appears to chase after a very fine silver thread, now barely visible, connected to her waist that seems to be stretched out past the horizon.

This done, the party now gets down to the business of the Heroes of Pelor. The holy symbol that the celestial gave Isabella in hell, of a full sun, not the rising sun, is identified as the holy symbol of Pelor, god of the sun.

Brother Lothus summons Dyrellinithus, the celestial who had the amulet. He arrives and the party begins to question him. They learn the following.

  • Pelor and Lathander has a divine connection that is hard to express in mortal terms.
  • The party is to slay the avatar of the vampire god, Kas the Blood God.
  • Let it be known that this has been sanctioned by Lathander.
  • During this conversation, the unicorn Dyrellinithus walks out of the woods and up to the groups. The unicorn begins to speak using tongues.
    • it first nods to Phyllida, thanking her for completing this quest.
    • it also tells her that this is the last time they will meet.
    • Dyrellinithus explains that the avatar of Kas has a sword, that is effectively an avatar of the artifact that is the Sword of Kas. They will need a Holy Avenger to face the sword and Isabella is the champion. Though he assures them that she need not do this in one-on-one combat.

The unicorn unicorn then walks straight up to Isabella and declares, on your sword is my alicorn on your sword. She is horrified, then frightened, then shamed. The unicorn, Anamika, declares, "fear not. my alicorn was claimed after my death and was used to noble and divine purpose. You have been a righteous custodian of it; I could ask for none better."

Dyrellinithus continues. "Marcus Delgrana was a high paladin of Pelor. His Holy Avenger was lost and desecrated. You must find and restore it. It must be re-forged in elemental fire and blessed by a high priest."

Tom look to Brother Lothus and says, "I wonder where we'll find one of those."

Zerphyr says, "I think know the area to search for that sword. In fact, Kaldago is there now."

Most of the party pauses and Brother Lothus asks, "old man, wrinkles, pale skin, with or without pants, scale mail and mace?"

Zephyr says, "well... scrawny, older man, gray skin, definitely with pants, and scale mail, plus he magically calls his mace"

Several of the party members feel that is many coincidences, despite the differences.

Anamika says to Isabella, "my blade must be re-forged with the desecrated Holy Avenger to restore it. Place my alicorn on the pommel as it is now on the pommel."

The group then discusses the Seeker. Dyrellinithus says that he cannot contact the Seeker. Victoria reminds them that they cannot contact the Seeker without using the scroll. She is hesitant to do so and have it fail. Dyrellinithus says that simply holding the scroll, he might be able to use it as a link to contact the Seeker.

He attempts and drops the scroll, declaring, "the avatar of Kas has the Seeker."

Jinmash began discussing a divining rod that he would need to use to plane shift back her. Victoria perks up at this time, curious if Jinmash can send them to city elsewhere than this god forsaken plane, explaining that some magical storm brought her here a decade ago. The other party begins to volunteer metal and Jinmash casts empowered skill, then fabricate to create a forge of clay and earth.

Meanwhile, Zephyr casts sending to Kaldago. He tells Kaldago that Isabella need his father's Holy Avenger to defeat Kas. Kaldago replies that they do, in fact, have it. 

Brother Lothus asks Dyrellinithus if he can retrieve the Holy Avenger. He starts to say that he cannot, but Anamika says that he can assist Dyrellinithus. The two then cross over to the astral plane to shorten the travel

The two parties then consider options and are told there just happens to be an elemental forge in a nearby, friendly, dwarven citadel.

Isabella then calls for Bill. He arrives in his usual, loud majesty. Enil then asks Isabella, "Do you know the meaning of subtle?"

Isabella replies with bluster and pomp. "Me? Isabella the Smiling? No!"

Brother Lothus laughs and follows up with, "asking Isabella to be quiet is like asking the sun not to shine or the mountains to be laid low. It is possible, but it is a herald of matters for more grievous."

After about half an hour, Dyrellinithus and Anamika return with the desecrated Holy Avenger. The entire group of the Heroes of the Rising Sun, plus Zephyr and Phyllida, all souls protected by grace, feel an empathetic sorrow in the presence of the divine weapon laid low.

After deciding to go to Citadel Strongshield, the party realizes that the teleportation will be unsafe as they have not been there, nor seen it. Jinmash has the idea to summon a hawk familiar which then flies up and it can see Strongshield Mountain, in the distance, some forty miles in the distance. Korinn then manfests her wings and flies up, looking for a landmark, near the top, that Jinmash spied through his familiar's eyes.

Jinamsh then teleports himself and half the combined group to the mountain side. Korinn successfully teleports herself and the other half. They all arrive less than half a mile apart.

They gather and begin the trek around the mountain, stumbling upon a dwarven patrol hiding in the rocks. Enil, ahead of the party startles the dwarves as he has flanked them. They do recognize Enil and escort the group to Kathra Battlehammer.

She hears their tale and decrees that despite the Seeker's involvement, she will assist them. 

Brother Lothus casts a sending to Darren Terkus.

Kerris is safe and coming home. Stay in the temple and no deals. Tell, Garlos, we are sending strangers with her.

Kerris is safe? She is alive?! Praise: Lathander! I'll do all that. No more deals. Straight and true for me for the rest of my-

Brother Lothus tells the group, "the rest of you will probably be a surprise to Garlos. His is the priest of Roseportal House."

Jinmash then planeshifts the group, plus Kerris, to Berdusk, as close as he can. 

 - end of session -


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