Nyári Ünnep (The Festival of Summer)

Nyári Ünnep (The Festival of Summer)


Celebrating the year that was and year to come

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Nyári Ünnep (The Festival of Summer) is a week-long celebration is profound and enriched experience for the Swift Wing Eagles tribe, providing ample time to delve deeper into traditions, strengthen communal bonds, and ensure that every aspect of their rich culture is celebrated.


The chosen location in the fertile grasslands west of Szélvészvár is significant for its beauty and abundance, reflecting the tribe's connection to the land and its resources. The area becomes a temporary home, teeming with tents, banners flying high, and the sounds of celebration filling the air.

The Festival of Summer stands as a testament to the resilience, joy, and unity of the Swift Wing Eagles, marking a pivotal moment each year when the tribe comes together to honor their past, celebrate the present, and look forward to the future with hope and determination.


The festival spans an entire week, starting on the first Monday after the summer solstice. This allows for a more relaxed pace, giving every band within the tribe the opportunity to showcase their unique contributions and participate fully in the festivities.

Expanded Traditions:

  • Day of Arrival and Setting Up Camp

    The festival begins with the tribes and their bands arriving from various directions, setting up their camps in designated areas of the grasslands. This day is marked by greetings, reunions, and the anticipation of the week ahead.

  • Fáklyás Menet (Torchlight Procession)

    As the sun sets on the first day, a grand procession of torch-bearing riders illuminates the plains, symbolizing the light that guides their paths in times of darkness.

  • Törzsi Szimpózium (Tribal Symposium)

    A new addition is the Tribal Symposium, held on the second day, where elders, warriors, and guests from allied tribes share knowledge, discuss issues affecting the grasslands, and propose solutions for common challenges.

  • Kézművesség és Kereskedelem Napja (Day of Crafts and Trades)

    Mid-week is dedicated to showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship of the tribe. Artisans display their work, and traders engage in bartering, allowing for the exchange of goods and stories with travelers and guests.

  • Emlékezés Ceremóniája (Ceremony of Remembrance)

    A day is dedicated to honoring the memories of those who have passed in the last year. This solemn ceremony involves the lighting of candles, recitations of heroic deeds, and the sharing of stories that celebrate the lives of the departed.

  • Gyermekek Ünnepe (Festival of the Children)

    A day specifically for the younger members of the tribe, featuring games, educational hunts, and storytelling sessions designed to teach them about their heritage and the importance of the community.

  • Törzsi Játékok (Tribal Games)

    A series of competitive events including horse races, archery contests, and mock battles. These games not only serve as entertainment but also as a means to hone skills and strengthen bonds between the various bands.

  • Őseink Lakomája (Feast of the Ancestors)

    A communal feast where stories of the tribe's ancestors are shared, honoring their legacy and wisdom. This feast features an array of dishes prepared from the bounties of the grasslands and nearby territories.

  • Sasok Tánca (Dance of the Eagles)

    A ceremonial dance performed by selected members of the tribe, wearing elaborate costumes that mimic the grace and majesty of eagles. This dance is believed to invite the protective spirits of their totem animals and bless the tribe with their virtues.

  • Suttogások Éjszakája (The Night of Whispers)

    As the celebration draws to a close, tribe members gather around bonfires to share stories, dreams, and aspirations. It's a time for personal reflection and sharing wisdom among the young and old. This culminates with the tribe's shamans leading a ritual to bless the year to come, invoking prosperity, strength, and unity for the tribe.

  • Nagy Áldás Éjszakája (Final Night - The Great Blessing)

    The festival concludes with a grand ceremony led by the tribe's most revered shamans. This night is filled with music, dance, and the casting of blessings for good health, prosperity, and success in the coming year. The ceremony ends with the Release of the Eagles, where trained eagles are set free as a symbol of the tribe's enduring spirit and freedom.


Extending the Festival of Summer to a full week allows for a more immersive celebration of the Swift Wing Eagles' culture, traditions, and achievements. It provides a space for reflection, learning, and planning for the future, ensuring that every member of the tribe, from the youngest to the oldest, plays a part in the festivities. This week-long festival not only reinforces the identity and unity of the Swift Wing Eagles but also strengthens their relationships with neighboring tribes and the natural world around them.

By dedicating time to celebrate, remember, and dream, the Swift Wing Eagles ensure that their culture remains vibrant and their community resilient, ready to face whatever the future holds with strength and unity.

The Festival of Summer is a vibrant and deeply meaningful celebration for the Swift Wing Eagles tribe, marking a time of unity, reflection, and aspiration. Held annually in the fertile grasslands a few days west of Szélvészvár, this festival gathers all the bands of the Swift Wing Eagles to honor their accomplishments, remember the challenges they've faced, and invoke blessings for the year ahead.

Events and Scenarios

The "Nyári Ünnep" (Festival of Summer) offers a perfect backdrop for a series of intriguing encounters and challenges that could enrich your campaign and engage the players. Here are some ideas:

The Missing Relic Challenge

As the festival begins, it's discovered that an ancient and symbolic relic crucial to the "Nagy Áldás Éjszakája" ( Night of the Great Blessing) has mysteriously vanished. The players must navigate the festival, gathering clues and interacting with various NPCs to locate the relic before the final night. This challenge could involve puzzle-solving, diplomacy, and stealth, as they might have to sneak into restricted areas or negotiate for information.

The Phantom Horseman Encounter

During the "Fáklyás Menet" (Torchlight Procession), a spectral horseman appears, racing across the grasslands surrounding the festival. This ghostly figure is rumored to be an ancestor of the Swift Wing Eagles who comes bearing a prophecy or a challenge. Catching or even just keeping pace with the horseman could lead the players on a wild chase that tests their riding skills, ending with a riddle or a duel of honor.

The Tournament of the Swift Wing

A special event within the "Törzsi Játékok" (Tribal Games), where participants compete in a series of challenges designed to test their agility, archery, and strategy. The twist is that the challenges are not what they seem, incorporating magical elements or unexpected obstacles. Success could earn the players special items or the favor of the tribe.

Brew of the Ancestors

An ancient recipe for a potent brew said to grant visions of the ancestors is missing a key ingredient that can only be found in the wilderness surrounding the festival grounds. Players must undertake a perilous journey to retrieve this ingredient, facing natural hazards and guardian spirits who test their resolve and worthiness.

Dance of the Shadow Eagles

During the "Sasok Tánca" (Eagles' Dance), the players are invited to participate but soon discover that the dance is a magical ritual that transports them to the spirit realm. Here, they must navigate a series of trials to gain insight into a looming threat to the tribe or to resolve unfinished business of a spectral ancestor. Success returns them to the festival with newfound knowledge and a spiritual boon.

The Great Hunt

A ceremonial hunt takes place, drawing the players into the wilderness to track and capture a mythical beast that has eluded the tribe for generations. This beast is revered and capturing it alive brings great honor. The hunt challenges the players' tracking, combat, and teamwork skills, with a significant emphasis on ethical considerations and respect for nature.

A Feast of Shadows

An unexpected turn during the "Őseink Lakomája" (Feast of the Ancestors) when shadows come alive, enacting scenes from the tribe's past. Players must interact with these shadows to solve a mystery from history, prevent a tragic event from repeating, or uncover a long-lost secret that could change the tribe's future.


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