23/11/30: The Crew


Time for a rest

Score 946


24rd of Flamerule, 1491 DR, dawn.

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 Brannir. 4/7   16 18 58/60  no spells
 Arla. 0/7 3   `17 56/68  -2 rage
 Glyncairn. 0/7   17 17 31/66  
 Erron. 3/7 1   17 35/37  1/4xlv1,3/3xlv2,3/3xlv3,01xlv4
 Kuartz. 0/7 2 16 13 11/52  2/2x pact. 1x fey presence
 Amri. 2/5 1   16 1/32  
 Tua. 2/5 2   14 15/22  no spells
 Umbra.   1   15 8/45  

The party has just freed twenty-one sailors from the last ship captured, the Luskar Maid, and Captain Carys Redspear languish at the bottom of the pit. The sailors respect the captain’s strength and decisiveness, and in the absence of their own officers (who died when the Luskar Maid was captured), they’re very protective of her. They’re eager for rescue, but they aren’t combatants.

Captain Redspear. Carys Redspear lies on a bed of loose clothes donated by the sailors. She’s badly beaten, with one eye swollen shut, and coughing up blood. Nevertheless, she’s quick to climb to her feet, with the sailors’ assistance, to treat with the characters. Carys first wants to know if the party has seen any other northlanders who might be part of her crew. She’s relieved to know they aren’t here, hoping they’ve had a chance to escape if taken from Isolation. Once reassured, she shares the following:


“The Ddraig Aur was captured three tenday ago, and they brought us here right after. We would’ve been able to escape their attack, even with them having two ships, but they had a shaman who fouled our rigging with ice and snow. Tore our sails and ripped down the yard.

“We didn’t see much of the port at that time. They marched us right here to this pit. That’s when the fights started. They’d come every few days and pick someone to fight. I volunteered. I volunteer every time. No one’s going to hurt one of my sailors. Besides, Tempus grant me the chance at them. They take me down to the village and force me to fight four or five of them. They get clubs. So far, I’ve killed seven of them with my teeth and bare hands. It’s a blur after that. At some point when I was unconscious, they took my crew. Since then, more sailors have come. The most recent, this soft lot from Luskan. Doesn’t matter. Given enough time, I will go through all the slaving scum.”


Carys is badly hurt. Volunteering for each fight is taking its toll and she won’t survive much longer without rescue; something she isn’t likely to admit, but she’d be grateful for the chance to lead the Luskar Maid’s crew to safety. She readily accepts sneaking out the cave to hide until the Pursuit can pick them up. If the characters instead suggest stealing a ship, she’s hesitant, knowing how badly they’re outnumbered, but is willing to consider any good plans.

She’s quick to point out that the Luskar Maid’s crew are able sailors, but they aren’t fighters. While she’d like to recover the ships, she won’t gamble the sailors’ lives on the attempt without a foolproof plan.

Carys is also certain to point out that she heard Nik and Nak talking about a failsafe Portico placed in the heart of the volcano—something that’d trigger an eruption or sink the island if anything were to escape the wizard’s lab. She doesn’t know how it works, but she’d love a chance to destroy the island and the pirates on it.

After they get all the sailors out the pit and meet Captain Redspear, everyone talks over their situation. The party decides to try to hold out in the caves to get a long rest. They need a short rest first, before clearing out the cave.

Erron and Brannir sit at the entrance to cave while the others lounge in the room. 

A trio of pirates almost stumble into the cave, noticing the slaves sitting all around the room with a "what the hell?

Erron leans around the corner, sees them, and summons a shadowspawn behind them, which attacks the third. Kuartz then steps up, uses her fey presence and beguiles the first two with "protect us"

They come into the cave, one after another, swords drawn, "From who?" and "who threatens you?". As she struggles to give them a target, they stand ready, but confused. Glyncairn draws his rapier and readies an attack. The pirate near him thinks he is equally confused about who to protect. The pirate down the hall is yellow for help against his foe towards the other pirates.

Erron readies a firebolt in case the pirates attack and has the shadowspawn continue its attack. Kuartz tells them to help down the hall... then the charge ends and the one in front of Kuartz stabs her as she blasts him and Erron misses. Glyncairn, seeing the jig is up, misses. The pirate in front of Glyncairn knocks the rapier into the pit as Brannir begins shooting at the pirate fighting the shadowspawn, dropping him. Glyncairn pulls a dagger, jumps up, stabs the pirate in the throat and one-shots him. Alra slices open the final pirate, knocking his body into the pit.

They retrieve the rapier and put the pirates in the pit, then they proceed down the hall. The see a large cave ahead with multiple sources of light and a side passage with a piece of sail cloth as a door. Glyncairn finds a pouch of coins and a pillow case of jewelry.

Evaluation of the desk contents:  Between the maps and logs on the table, it’s clear the supplies and press-ganged sailors are being sent north, though the destinations in the Sea of Moving Ice vary, with no discernable pattern. What correspondence there is clearly uses codenames. On one note, there is an inventory the supplies and crew taken from the Luskar Maid to be shipped north to the “excavation.” In the margin is scribbled “Drop location still not transmitted.” Another note lists items to be sold in Waterdeep and supplies to be purchased by the Sea Queen’s Fury. The note offers an assessment of captain klara k: “captain k of the Fury came over easily enough when her ship was taken, but the calishite remains untrustworthy. Reevaluate after supply run and Robin’s report.”

The party moves up to get a better look at the room. They see a fire elemental, a red wizard, a deck wizard, and another pirate.

This conical chamber is capped, not open to the sky. A rock outcrop partially overhangs the lava and a large, metal platform is suspended in the middle of the chamber. Lava fills the room with a dim, red light. A fire elemental stands guard on the suspended bridge.

A massive steel platform hovers over the lava, held in place with equally massive chains and magical enchantments. A large metal table is anchored to the platform’s east side. Arcane symbols glow on the platform, fed by streams of fire flowing from the portal. The symbols are absorbing power from the portal.

A 1-foot-diameter brown orb is tangled in the chains suspending the platform, held there by an iron spike painted red and threaded between two otherwise unconnected links. It’s clear removing the spike would
plunge the chain and the orb into the lava. Brannir notes that the orb matches that of a devastation orb, an elemental bomb with an unstable, unpredictable timer and tremendous power. They saw these used against the Red Wizards in the war.

A portal hovering in the air 10 feet from the platform opens onto a fire-filled hell-scape.

Then a pirate steps around the corner mumbling, "where the hell are they?!" he sees the party and yells, "intruders!"

- end of session -


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