Ronin from the wastes north of Oztown

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Denduro is around 6 feet tall, his body is covered in smooth scales and he has the build of an elite gymnast. Thick black and red bands cover the body and limbs, separated by yellow lines. Some of the bands show scars and injuries from previous battles, with the majority of the damage being to the chest with heavy lines and pockmarked dots of scar tissue caused by bullets and blades. Movements are marked with a fluidity and grace that stands counter to a rigid posture, when fighting or engaged in a physical activity each motion flows into the other in a smooth path. His face has no eyelids and his eyes are solid black with a thin membrane offering protection and moisture. No nose or lips are present, and the forked snake tongue darts out frequently tasting the air. The ears are internal and protected leading to the head shape to be very round and obviously serpentine. The Knuckles on his hands are mildly discolored and misshapen from many hours spent practicing striking. He prefers to dress in loose flowing clothing that won’t restrict movement and appreciates softer material, due to being colorblind the clothes can sometimes be mismatching but if able to do so “Dark Greys'' are used for traveling with “Light Grays” used for special occasions. Sometimes he will be self conscious about dressing for formal events and might ask a friend to color coordinate. His armor and weapons were paid for from previous jobs are relatively unadorned, he’ll use any weapons he needs but often comments about the smiths and equipment of his old temple longingly.


Denduro’s story begins with the story of Cameron Park Zoo, when the end came and radiation began flooding in many of the animals in the park. Gaining varying levels of sentience, the animals attempted to cooperate. Fighting off scavenging humans and trying to find a way to survive within the post apocalypse. This time unfortunately didn’t last, over time the predatory animals survival instincts were pushed to the edge as food and supplies became scarce. A territorial war broke out within the zoo, many died and from those that remained after still more fighting occurred. The cold-blooded animals believed that the mammals, requiring much more food to survive. Would cause the death of everyone in the park. The snakes outnumbered the mammals at this point, though some of the more powerful beings like the gorillas and elephants were beyond what many of the snakes could handle. This led them to use stealth, subterfuge, and when their numbers were low enough they pushed them into a section of the zoo and locked it down. Sieging them until they were too weak to defend themselves properly. The mammals surrendered, but sensing their weakness the snake elders chose to wipe them out. To prevent future reprisal and to shore up their stockpiles of food. Denduro’s mother was one of these elders, and soon after the snakes had established domination of the zoo he was born. By this time the snakes had begun adapting more to the modern world, learning to use its technology. The zoo had a small theater in it normally used for nature documentaries. When power was restored the system began to show movies automatically, the snakes were marveled by this and sought out more knowledge discs to add to their understanding of the civilizations the humans had. Early on they discovered a collectors well preserved DVD collection, the snakes became enraptured with the films of Akira Kurosawa and the Samurai. Seeing their own resolve reflected in the struggles of the warriors and impressed with the powerful smooth movements that they used to fight. The Snake elders became Shoguns and bestowed the position of Samurai to their most loyal warriors. Denduro was born the son of a shogun, hatched in a cluster with his siblings and from birth began training in the ways of Bushido and the Samurai. Early on he displayed exceptional talent and devotion, along with an aggressiveness that made him a fierce fighter. Once old enough he began to go out with the snakes, scavenging the surrounding area. He proved his worthiness in battle with the wild beasts and competing scavengers and earned the title of Samurai, proudly bestowed by his mother. For a time, life was kind to Denduro. But he became proud, he was the best of his peers in terms of combat and from his perspective that meant he was their better in life as well. Growing concerned, his Mother requested the aid of a mentor and requested his aid in training her son. The Mentor agreed, and brought Denduro under his tutelage. This honed his skills further, and soon he had only one equal. His mentors hatchling, they began a rivalry one that Denduro’s hotheadedness would often put him on the losing side of. One day this became too much, during class their spars would become pitched combats. On one such day Denduro, unable to land a strike on his opponent, dishonorably blinded him by spitting. Then swung his training weapon with all the might he could muster. It struck his rival's neck, killing them in front of their own father and his mentor. The Mentor was distraught, he banished him from the school, and if he were anyone of lower social station would have likely struck him down on the spot. But the rules in the serpent's society would not allow it, not without the destruction of the mentor, his school, and possibly his students. He did seek justice from the Shogun’s, he demanded that Denduro pay for his child’s life with his own and such a punishment was expected by the other Shoguns. However Denduro’s mother was not able to sentence her own son to death, and pleaded for a compromise. It was decided that he would suffer a spiritual death, exile from the snake tribe, a complete loss of station, branded as dishonorable, and a complete loss of his worldly possessions. Denduro would’ve preferred death, but to commit suicide as to avoid punishment would cause dishonor on his entire house. Possibly causing his mother and siblings to lose their status as well. So he left, naked and alone into the world. The past few years have been difficult, but his skills as a warrior have served him well. He still carries Bushido in his heart, along with the pain of the life he has lost. He recognizes that his own choices are what caused it but try as he might his temper flares and he struggles to not lose himself in battle.


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