Mutant healer with a thick skin and a curious disposition.

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In the desolate wasteland of the New World Ehlayreus, or Ehl as he's known to his friends, was born to a landscape and people ravaged by The Sundering.  He is marked by mutation and often shunned because of it.  Even so, his haunting green eyes sparkle with an insatiable curiosity for life amidst the ruins.  His mutation has endowed Ehl with a hairless, tough hide in place of skin that provides him with a formidable natural armor against the harsh elements that now dominate much of the land.

Despite his physical differences and uncomfortable social interactions, Ehl possesses a profound fascination for life in all its many forms. Whether it be mutated creatures or remnants of the old world's flora and fauna struggling to survive, he finds solace in observing and understanding the intricacies of life's many expressions and characteristics.

As a physician and psychic healer, Ehl wields his talents with a blend of clinical precision and practiced intuition. His psychic abilities allow him to examine the depths of a creature without the need for technology or invasive procedures.  His abilities also allow him to heal injuries and cure diseases using only the power of his mind.

Though his demeanor sometimes appears callous, it is likely a defense mechanism born out of necessity in a world where survival often depends on calm wits and steely resolve. However, beneath the surface there lays a deeply-felt sense of duty towards those he considers friends and companions.  


Ehl was born to human parents -- Aidyn and Nola.  Nola, while pregnant with Ehl, was exposed to a high dose of radiation and was diagnosed with cancer mid-term.  Because the treatments would likely have killed her baby, Nola decided to delay treatment until after giving birth.  After a long and brutal fight, Nola died when Ehl was 2 years old.  His father Aidyn is a cold and hard man who never outwardly blamed Ehl for his mother's death.  But the way his father looked at him at times and the coldness that he treated his son with told a different story.  Their relationship has never been an easy one.

Ehl has one sibling, an older brother named Mario who has always been kind to his younger brother and Ehl has often looked up to him.  But Ehl has always been somewhat jealous of his brother because of his acceptance in the family and community.  Outside the family, Ehl was often subjected to bullying and discrimination.  He learned from a young age to defend himself, which often just made things worse.  In all his time living amongst humans, Ehl really only had one friend -- Luella.


From the moment they first met as young children Ehl and Luella were fast friends.  Luella, also a mutant born to human parents, was the only person in Ehl's childhood who could understand his sadness and feelings of isolation.  For much of their childhood, the two were nearly inseparable and it often felt like it was the two of them against the rest of the world.

In their rebellious teen years, they often snuck out and roamed the streets of their settlement late at night.  Being out while most everyone else was sleeping gave them the opportunity to explore without the harassment they often faced when out during the day.  One night while out on one of their adventures some men pulled up in a van, violently grabbed them, threw them into the back of the van, and quickly sedated the two.  When they awoke, Ehl and Luella found themselves in cages in the back of a box truck filled with other mutant and human children.  They had been scooped up by slavers.

While they were being transported, the box truck came under attack by raiders.  Bullets ripped through the box truck, striking some of the other children.  The speeding truck violently veered back and forth before rolling down an embankment.  The cages in the back of the truck tumbled and flew about the compartment with some of the cages becoming smashed and crushed.  Ehl's thick hide protected him, but Luella was badly injured and on the verge of dying.

Ehl reached through his cage and the wreckage to hold Luella's hand while she gasped and coughed up blood.  Weeping, angry, and blindingly frustrated, Ehl watched as the life slipped away from the only friend he had ever known.  All at once, a burning/tingling sensation rose up from deep within and Ehl felt this warm energy rush from his torso, through his arms, and out of his hands into the crumpled body of his best and only friend.  To his amazement, Luella's bleeding stopped, her wounds closed, and her breathing eased.  Within moments she opened her eyes.

They only had a few moments for their silent exchange and soon the raiders broke into the back of the truck and quickly grabbed anyone they could.  Buried under piles of crumpled cages, they weren't able to reach Ehl.  But they easily reached Luella and dragged her out of her crumpled cage while she screamed and tried to fight them off.  Ehl tried and tried to free himself to rescue her.  But he just wasn't strong enough.

Later that night, the slavers returned to salvage what they could.  Ehl was carted off and eventually sold to a tribe of nomadic raiders.

Raider Tribe

As much as Ehl resented being a slave he found something amongst the raiders that had always eluded him where he grew up.  Acceptance.  In the tribe no one insulted or mistreated him for being a "dirty mutant".  Which is not to say that life with the raiders was easy or pleasant.  During his first few weeks with the raiders Ehl seriously considered ending his life.  It was only the thoughts of Luella and his determination to see her rescued that allowed him to go on in those trying early days.

Life with the raiders was hard and he often went hungry in his first months with the tribe.  In the hierarchy of food, Ehl was in line for food right after the hunting dogs.  The days were long and the work was hard and often horrific.

Things took a turn for the better when Ehl was tasked with helping carry one of the warriors who was wounded during a raid.  The tribe's doctor, named Jasper, asked for Ehl's help with tending to the many wounded.  Jasper was impressed with Ehl's brightness and ability to function calmly in a chaotic situation.  Upon learning that Ehl was educated Jasper took him on as an assistant and apprentice of a sort.

The doctor was far too valuable to be put in harm's way during raids.  So Ehl was trained in first aid so that he could serve as a combat medic.  Over the years Jasper continued to train Ehl in the medical arts and eventually surgery.  As a combat medic, Ehl was also trained to fight and in the use of various weapons.  As a medic he at least got to eat before the dogs.

Ehl's Powers

The story of Ehl learning to control his powers...


The story of Ehl's escape from the raider tribe...


Driven by a vow to someday find and rescue Luella, Ehl roams the treacherous wastes seeking clues to Luella's whereabouts and a fuller understanding of the mysteries of life.



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