A male mutant racoon, short and cute

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Kemo Barak, the Raa Koon

[Raa Koons Racial Template: SM-1, ST -1, Fur (DR 1 & Temp Tolerance), Honest Face, Huge Weapon Perk (large hands), Night Vision 5, Attractive plus Pitiable (Cute), and Laziness. Raa Koons as a race are omnivores and eat a wide variety of food.]


Kemo is descended from an escaped batch of mutated Raa Koons (family Procyonidae: Racoons/Procyon lotor mixed with Red Pandas/Ailurus fulgens), designer creatures from before the Sundering, created as a hybrid animal breed for the pet market. By combining the best (i.e., cute) features from both animals, along with some subtle DNA modifications to improve Raa Koons’ intelligence, the scientists created a very Japanese anime (Manga) appearing creature (large eyes, thick healthy fur, rounded body type). These same scientists also found that there was a direct correlation between brain mass and tails, and by increasing the intelligence of Raa Koons their tails shortened significantly or disappeared altogether.

Thus the scientists succeeded in creating a bred that was stable and produced healthy and viable offspring and had planned to begin selling their design at a significant profit. Unfortunately for the scientists and corporation that funded the research, the End-of-the-World happened before they could reap any profits.

A batch of later generation Raa Koons escaped from the lab immediately after the Sundering, fleeing deep into the wilderness. With the baseline genetic manipulation already altering Raa Koons DNA, the new mutations induced on the world by the Sundering quickly found an ideal creature to improve on.

Kemo thinks that he is about 22 standard years old (he doesn’t know how old he was when taken by The Claw) and stands about 4 ½ feet tall (SM-1) and weighs approximately 90 lbs. Yeah, he’s a bit “chonkie,” especially with his thick dense fur, but it makes him adorable and cute (just don’t call him cute as it tends to piss him off). Kemo has a very short stubby tail, small sharp teeth, short retractable claws on his hands and feet (teeth/claws provide no game benefit), and thick fur that provides low temperature tolerance. His fur is colored a dark brown with red highlights with the typical racoon/red panda face mask (though softer and a bit more subdued). He has big anime eyes (they’re black and shiny too), a by-product of the genetic alterations the scientists made in trying to make a popular pet.

Kemo can be quiet and a bit intense, especially when stressed - he just needs his own space at times. But he also knows how to enjoy a drink (he prefers cider and mead vs. beer) and party it up and has been known to burst out in song (his mandolin) when in a good mood. Kemo enjoys the water, knows how to swim, and will wash often if there is clean water available. He carries a grooming kit (comb, brush, etc.) to keep his fur neat. For clothing, he wears a mix of light leather and cotton in dark colors, usually in a loose comfortable style with a hood and scarf (or light cloak), plus soft leather boots. Under the outer torso layer of clothing, Kemo wears a small ballistic vest (so as not to be obvious). Kemo wears clothing for protection and not out of any prudishness and he’s completely comfortable without any clothing on. He’s a bit fastidious, and takes care of this clothing and gear, keeping them clean and repaired as best he can.


Although Kemo can use normal sized weapons due to his large hands, he prefers to use smaller (less heavy or bulky) sized pistols, SMGs, and bladed weapons due to his small size (SM-1) and to help keep his carried load reasonable. He favors a small, compressed air powered dart gun that uses sleep darts, as it is almost silent and has no muzzle flash. The sleep drug can be switched out for something more exotic and deadly, but so far, he’s not seen the need for this. As a backup, he carries a 5.7 mm Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) submachinegun (SMG) that fills the role of heavy hitter, plus a wakizashi type blade (a very fine quality short sword with mono-wire blade) for close work. With his weapon’s he’s very skilled and deadly but prefers to avoid using them and leaves most aggressive encounters up to the more “direct” types of the world. He will fight if and as needed, and fight very well, he just prefers not to shed blood if possible (especially innocents). When pushed though, many enemies have commented (usually while dying) that they were surprised by just how dangerous Kemo was…

Kemo wears leather web gear with belt and holsters/scabbard to hold his weapons, plus a small well-made leather sling bag/backpack designed to be dropped quickly in combat with a quick release. He has a heavy rechargeable flashlight (30 yard beam or can be used as a lantern with a 5 yard 360 deg illumination), a small radio, tinted goggles, and a small very sharp knife. Other gear carried: small bedroll/blanket, compass, fishhooks and line, matches and flint/steel, personal basics, walking staff (SM-1 quarterstaff), four days of traveler’s rations (dried fruit, meat, cheese, bread), and a wineskin for water.

He also has a small mandolin that he learned to play while in school. For tech gear, he carries a set each of electronic and standard lockpicks, plus binoculars. For medical gear he has a crash kit with antibiotics. He has a titanium crowbar and portable tool kit in his vehicle.


Kemo is descended from the original group of Raa Koons (a mix or racoon and red panda, bred to be cute smart pets for human children) that escaped captivity right after the Sundering. They moved North and hid from any humans, finding their way to the Wilds. Many generations later, Raa Koons had mutated, survived, spread out, and learned to create their own small hidden villages deep in the woods, always keeping out of sight when possible.

Kemo’s small village was called Barak, thus everyone from that location used Barak as a last name. As a child of about 10 years old, the Barak village was visited by The Claw looking for new recruits. The village was told to join or else, and when the Barak elders hesitated, The Claw burned the village and took the older children as prisoners, forcing them to assimilate into, and become new members of The Claw.

As the years passed, Kemo adapted well and did what he had to in order to survive as a soldier of The Claw, even though he secretly hated what they did to him and his village. As a soldier of The Claw, he was usually assigned to smaller bands of scouts or hunting parties due to his quiet movement and good senses – plus his overconfidence in his abilities caused most others to not enjoy working with him (he can be a little rude to anyone he feels is incompetent). He mostly stayed out of trouble and was able to gain the trust of The Claw’s leaders, though he earned a bit of a reputation as being too “Soft and not violent enough – A good soldier, but lazy” was what they said of Kemo. Throughout this time, he hid his distaste of what The Claw had done in the name of “Animal Freedom” to him and his village.

He also earned a bit of a reputation as a skirt chaser in the unit. With few (if any) Raa Koons around, Kemo was open to encounters with females of just about any race during his puberty (he is cute…), something that still gets him into some (humorous) trouble now and then. He does get along with just about all races (broad-minded and congenial) treating most intelligent races he meets in a friendly way.

One race that Kemo was initially intolerant of was humans. He’d learned to fear and hate humans due to the Knights of Genetic Purity (KGP) and their relentless attacks on any mutated animal settlement. The Claw and the KGP have clashed many times over the years, and Kemo saw the absolute hate from the KGP as they tortured any mutant (animal and human) they captured and killed without mercy. Kemo lost “friends” during these encounters, but as a scout he never was really up close to a living human (at least a non-KGP human), only seeing them dead or at a distance. This deepened his view of them as the “Boogyman” of his childhood.

With Kemo’s high intelligence and inquisitive mind (very curious…), The Claw decided to have him study at one of their schools so he could get an education and learn many of the Old Tech ways. There Kemo was able to see a less intense world view, but still one that had little tolerance for humans.

During this time, Kemo discovered a love for books and the knowledge to be found in them, excelling in learning several very difficult subjects. Along with the hidden sciences tucked away in the library he also fell in love with the amazing literature and music of the ancients (much to the disappointment of the instructors). Languages, science, medicine, and other advanced technologies were studied and quickly mastered by Kemo’s intense intelligence, as he loved learning everything.

One instructor, an ancient, mutated rabbit named Master Bernard, sensed a power deep in Kemo’s mind during one of the many “tests” the school performed on the students. Master Bernard studied and taught the hidden arts of the mind (Psionics), and was able to help Kemo awaken three abilities, the PK Shield, the Mind Shield, and the ability of Mind Clouding, though Kemo struggled to master these powers (still does to some extent).

Kemo encountered his first living (non-KGP) human up close while studying with at the library. A young female human slave named “Joy” captured during one of The Claw’s raids. Joy was assigned to help maintain the library (as she could read) and Kemo (slowly) became friends with her, losing (some) his inherent fear of humans. He spent many hours secretly reading with Joy and discussing the world before the Sundering.

The next few years at the school were the happiest Kemo can remember, with many creatures all learning and studying the secrets of the Old World. He enjoyed the afterhours with students and instructors, drinking, and discussing what they’ve learned during the study hours. But his favorite memories are the quiet times with his friend Joy. Sadly this would not last…

It was during the early Spring of Kemo’s fourth year when word came that the KGP had been sighted within a few days ride from the school. An instructor, looking for Kemo found him with Joy reading restricted books – they were reading the works of Edgar Allen Poe, Joy’s favorite. Joy was immediately dragged in front of the whole school and brutally whipped while Kemo was forced to watch (he’d refused to do the whipping as originally ordered). Soon after, the leaders ordered Kemo to scout out the KGP (he was one of the few qualified scouts at the school) to find out their intent.

Able to track the KGP and quietly determine their path, he confirmed they were headed directly to the school. Rushing back to warn the school, he told the leaders who quickly organized a retreat deeper back into the area controlled by The Claw, taking as many books as possible (technical books as a priority) and burning the rest. When Kemo went to check on Joy, he found that she was mortally wounded from the punishment (she was never very healthy to begin with) and died soon after in his arms.

Angry and grieving, Kemo gathering his few small personal possessions, including the book by Poe, and left all the pain behind, heading off on his own. Now, a few years later, Kemo is a survivor and explorer of the new world. He was never able to find his home village again, or even hear word of Barak tribe, as it appears they disappeared deep into the far Northern forests. None of the few other Raa Koons he’s met since know of his tribe’s location.

He currently owns a small beat-up off-road dune buggy that he rebuilt and keeps repaired, and typically takes jobs requiring scouting, transporting small items, or repairing ancient devices. He works off and on again for The Claw, trying to pick and choose the tasks (not always successful). But worse is his deeply seated intolerance of the KGP, who he will hinder whenever and however he can (destroying or stealing their tech, ruining their plans, and occasionally killing them if there is no other way to stop them).

He has a soft spot for children of all races and has learned to get along with most of the races that walk the new Earth. While mostly a loner, Kemo security hopes to find a “family” to be part of. He hides his problems well, and will overcompensate at times when in a larger group partying.

His current job for The Claw is to track down a missing operative called Talia, who was last seen near an ancient library in the ruins of KC. He was also asked to locate and destroy (if possible) something called the “Alpha-Omega” device. Initially he turned down the job, but the thought of books in the library hooked him good.


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