SW24 - Ep 1 - Liverpool is Bleeding, Pt 1

SW24 - Ep 1 - Liverpool is Bleeding, Pt 1


Two childhood friends are pulled into a conspiracy of violence that reaches back to their fathers and grandfathers secret investigations.

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Lieutenant Calvin Sinclaire, now Lord Calvin Sinclaire, 15th Marchess of Highroute, had thought his berevement leave would be trying, but not the way it turned out. Granted a few weeks away from his regimental duties with the Special Boat Service, Calvin had been surprised by a sealed envelope from his father, given him by Theadora Lawson, the family solicitor. In it had been cryptic instructions that led Calvin to a hidden library carved out of the estate's wine cellar. In it were heaps of files and documents that dated back to the 1930s, and the formation of the ESS, the Extra Strategic Services, a secret branch of the intelligence agencies that would eventually become the SOE during World War II.

Also revealed during the transition of the estate was an invitation for Austin Cook, recently ex-Royal Marines, son of the late groundskeeper for the Sinclaires, and Calvin's childhood friend. It turns out Austin's great grandfather had also been part of the ESS, which is how he and the 12th Marchess of Highroute had become fast friends and collaborators on investigations into the more extreme and weird developments of the enemy Hitler and his Third Reich. These two friends, after having been separated by individual military carreers for several years, found that their grandfathers had continued the ESS investigations after the war, and at least Calvin's father had continued still. Now these young men were being tasked with making sense of this large and unkempt mass of esoteric files.

It was while the two were digging through some old files, Calvin pointed out several references that had a stylized "e" symbol sketched beside them. When Austin saw it, he was immediately taken back to a horrendous event he'd barely survived (see Red Action - SyrRoj9318) during his deployment in Syria. Austin had seen that same symbol, in a newer, more modern font, stenciled on a crate. That crate had contained an artifact that likely caused the death's of his entire Troop and multiple civilians. He'd seen it taken away by a man he knew as Special Agent Colville, whom he susptected of being MI-6, though he could get no verifcation aftwerwards.

With this connection, Calvin decided to reach out to a military history contact he had, Marie Lancaster. He sent her an email with some preliminary information, requesting a meet up even though suspected her attention and assistance in the past was more than academic. When she immediately agreed to meet them, "I just happen to be near Hightown tomorrow!" he'd rolled his eyes and said to Austin, "She's totally a spy." 

When Austin and Calvin went to meet her at the local pub, events spiraled quickly, and the the Hightown Brawl (see link for details) ensued. While Calvin was able to help Marie fight off a kidnap attempt by local thugs, Austin was badly injured by a blow to the head. Marie was revealed to be an MI-6 agent and called in her Section Chief, Melchior Guiness.

With MI-6's help, Austin received medical aid, and Calvin was debriefed to the extent that he had no idea why local mobster Bellflower or his men would want to be involved in this. He'd never heard of the man before. 

Later, after minor surgery to reduce swelling and stitch up the head wound, Austin was visited in his hospital room by Agent Colville. He had not seen the man for nearly six years, since the events in Syria, but the man was suddenly there, asking him questions, and intimating that another ex-Royal Marine, one Caradoc Moris (Austin had heard legends about the man surviving a doomed mission and then being dishonorably discharged from Her Majesty's Service.) There was no information coming, and Colville left only minutes before Calvin, Marie and Melchior arrived.

When the MI-6 agents found out that Colville had been there, they leapt into action trying to track him. Calvin confronted them, and Melchior admitted that Colville was "supposed to be" on their side, one of their agents, but clearly something had gone wrong.

Colville was not found, and as Calvin and Austin were left alone one last surprise greeted them. A young man was turned away from the hospital room by a guard, but before so, they caught a glimpse of him. Shocked, they both realized too late that the man was likely a friend of theirs... another from their childhood... their third musketeer... Tully Shreeves. Tully had disappeared 19 years ago... only to appear and disappear again in a highly unlikely co-incidence.



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