Red Action - SyrRoj9318

Red Action - SyrRoj9318


A troop of Royal Marines and multiple civilians were wiped out in an enemy action in Rojava, using an unknown weapon that left no marks.

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Red Action - SyrRoj9318 is the file name for the Top Secret debrief documenting the ambush and slaughter of nearly entire troop of Royal Marines (Brigade Patrol Group, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron (SRS), 30 Commando Information Exploitation Group). 

Four sections (18 men) were assigned a retrieval patrol into the contested areas of Rojava, Syria (Longitude: REDACTED, Lattitude: REDACTED). They were accompanied by a YPJ scout team, to escort a group of civilians who had been reported to be fleeing IS threat. 

IS forces has been reported to have crossed the Euphrates from central Syria into Rojava at (Longitude: REDACTED, Lattitude: REDACTED), moving toward the interior of the contested areas. Intelligence reported they were moving without holding territory behind them, which was strategically uncustomary for IS thrusts. 

Civilians under threat were a mix of UK, Syrian, Iraqui and local Kurdish, all part of an archeological dig lead by (REDACTED) and financed through (REDACTED). Com reports all civilians were accounted for when the BPG arrived on site at (TIME REDACTED). Last reports of IS approach gave the operation time to organize and exfil well within mission parameters of (REDACTED). 

Within 15 minutes of initial contact with retrieval targets, radio coms with Captain Marcus Eckers, mission commander, indicated that their perimeter guard had spotted movement on the periphery. Eckers indicated the movement was from a direction away from expected IS movement, and that the op had delayed becuase the civilians had "found something" that they needed help extracting before they would leave.

Within five minutes of first radio contact, live fire was reported by the comms officer (Sergeant Dane Grigsby MO-32). His recorded words follow:
"Enemy contact, west-north-west perimeter. At least a dozen enemy contacts. They came out of the sand... like they were waiting for us."  (Weapons fire identified as L85 A3 and KS-1 assigned RM ordinance can be heard in the background.)  "They just have knives... swords? They are fast!"  (Shouts identified as command orders by Captain Eckers to pull in the perimeter can be heard, then garbled shouts.) Grigsby again, "They want the artifact thing! The Captain has been hit! Fuck all..." (Sudden shouts in a female voice, Kurmanji dialect, identified as YPJ accompanying soldier Orfa Rewez) "More behind us! Move to the entrance!" followed by staccato bursts identified as a AKS-74 U. Then radio silence.

Ops Control requested a force recon unit be diverted to their location, and a coalition airstrike on the possible IS incursion initiated. Three Typhoon FGR4 ground attack aircraft were deployed within eight minutes, as any ground force would take well over two hours to reach the location.

At 12 minutes 11 seconds after last radio contact, final radio contact was made. The voice is identifed as Warrant Officer Class 2 Austin Cook (see surivor 3 profile, attached). He did not identify himself. His recorded words were, "...fazed... I can smell the light... but their light is gone... they just stoped... a switch... the universe blinks and it no longer sees them... we are so small... stay away..." Cook did not respond in any way to further radio calls from Ops command. 

Of the counted twenty-nine soldiers and civilians counted by force recon rescue upon arrival, there were only three survivors. All three were comotose, with no visible marks to indicate trauma. Of the dead, only four showed lethal trauma equivalent to bladed weapon avulsions and death by bloodloss. Of the twenty-two other deaths, civilian, UK military and Kurdish YPJ, there were no indications of any trauma (internal or external) to indicate CoD. The referenced "artifact" was not to be found, nor were there any enemy bodies. Over a thousand rounds of ammunition were spent, and there were indications of non-accounted for hostiles (including lethal blood loss patterns from weapons fire), but no remains. 

Note 1: During debrief of WOC2 Austin Cook, he claimed to have been conscious and aware when Force Recon arrived, and that he spoke to the leader, one Commander Colville, whom Cook referred to as "fuckin' special agent." Cook claims Colville and three unmarked PMC soldiers "took the crate... packed it up and flew off in a fucking Wildcat...".

Cook also claims no memory of the recorded transmission or the words he spoke, and indicated legitimate surprise upon hearing the recording.

Note 2: Request to RAF and Coalition Command for any authorized Wildcat Mk-1 in the area (RESPONSE REDACTED). Request to MI-6 re: Colville (RESPONSE REDACTED). Request to Coalition Command for action reports from force recon retrieval team (RESPONSE REDACTED)

Note 3: Typhoon strike force intercepted IS convoy over eight kilometers from site (LONGITUDE: REDACTED, LATTITUDE: REDACTED) of Red Action - SyrRoj9318. IS forces were verified destroyed well outside the action area. No indications that IS forces were involved the Red Action, despite final reports issued by (REDACTED). 


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