24/06/19: Into the Unclaimed Lands

24/06/19: Into the Unclaimed Lands


The adventure begins

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6th Haymond, 3521

The group wakes, breaks their fast, and makes their way into the street, each excited for the journey before them. The sky is clear, the sun bright, the humidity thick enough to cut with a knife, and the day threatening to be oppressively hot.

The destination of the party is the Unclaimed Lands. Conversations over drinks yielded some interesting details.

  • there is no single ruler in the Unclaimed Lands.
  • there are scattered fiefdoms across the Unclaimed Lands.
  • there are several points of interest.
    • the count who rules the village of Turpin has a small fleet of boats and openly pirates on the rivers.
    • the Court of Loom Ché is a scary place made of the bones of ancient, giant dinosaurs. Flying ships have been seen coming and going. Those brave enough to have been and returned, have brought reports of strange beings, strange magics, and deadly individuals therein.
    • the Wardens of the Unclaimed Lands are a group of rangers that restrict trophy hunting and seek to establish a balance with nature. It is said their leader is a blue skinned giant-kin. 

Due north of Carterscroft, some 60 odd miles is the Stoneheart River, that marks the border of the Eastreach province. There are a number of ways to cross the river. For those who cannot fly over it or swim across it, there is an old man, just called Old Man Cooper, that runs a ferry to carry people across the river. It is said he has some magic that enables his boat to easily manage the current of the river. Nearly 150 miles to the east-north-east is Gumspur. A village where the Stoneheart River merges with the Glimmrill Run. Over 300 miles to the west-north-west is the Great Bridge that crosses Stoneheart River.

Bahlgar, Gaelin, Keyrona, Kratetalyn, Visceration, and Yum. The party does some quick shopping.

  • 3x dwarven ponies and tack for each; 
  • a ten-day of dry rations for all six and for the ponies.

6-8th Haymond, 3521

The party strikes due north towards the river. The travel through the farmlands of the province are uneventful.

8th Haymond, 3521

Midday, before reaching the river, but nearing it, the party sees smoke to the east. The party veers toward the smoke. As they get closer, walking about 50' feet ahead of the party, Gaelin rounds a copse of trees to see a cabin or small house mostly burned to the ground.

Gaelin finds four sets of tracks. Two sets of boots that are similar, boots with a well worn left heal, and a smaller set of shoes.

Looking in the burnt out ruins, he sees there are no bodies in the ruins, but there is a cooking pot, the remains of several kitchen knives and the like that can be found. Also, he finds a small, wood box are a number of (5) gold, (17)silver coins, (47) copper coins.

Gaelin moves ahead, leading the party. He sees Old Man Cooper's body is on the banks of the river as well as one dead hound. There are two badly wounded hound dogs attempt to guard the old man's body.; several crossbow bolts stick out of all bodies.

Gaelin uses speak with animals and is able to get the dogs to them to let him approach. He splits a healing potion between them and heals Ladydog completely and partially heals Mossbottom.

They bury the grandfather. Gaelin gives her the money. There is quite a bit of back an forth. Darma wants to hunt down the men who killed her grandfather. Gaelin is opposed, but starting with Visceration, she wins over the party members. 

Darma gets the boat repair supplies. Visceration cuts some trees to serve as a short roller. Darma then patches the boat and they roll it back. It holds water.

Kratetalyn pulls two ropes off her Robe of Useful Items. Visceration takes those ropes and three more of the party's ropes across using his Ring of Water Walking. He then ties it off to the doc on the other side and ties off to two lengths of about 240'. With a little bit of trial and error, and a last minute save by Harry Trotter, he gets back to the party.

They build a pull system, put the barge out, load the horses, and get about 20' before the whole system comes apart and the barge begins moving down river. Several ponies are knocked down. Kratetalyn pulls a 10' pole, hands it to Visceration who is trying to stop the spin. He fails.

Yum reaches a hand out, casts control water, and moves the boat to the far bank as they note that the sun is far in western horizon. Bahlgar says, "never again will I set foot in a boat"

The party establishes a cold night while Gaelin forages. Gaelin harvests a squirrel, two rabbits, and a possum.  Gaelin builds a dakota fire pit.

9th Haymond, 3521

The party gets up and makes their plans. The return upriver to the dock to retrieve their ropes. Visceration walks across and they recover the ropes then turn inland, heading due north.

Gaelin is moving 100' feet ahead of the party. Kratetalyn leads the party. Visceration and Darma, then Yum, then Bahlgar, finally Keyrona.

Midafter, Gaelin sees a gnoll hunter. He signals a stop. He informs Kratetalyn who in turn informs the rest of the party. Gaelin continues to see more and more gnolls. Before they disappear from site, he has counted nine. He uses primal awareness, naming "gnolls", and becoming aware of 13 total.

The party elects to steer clear of the gnolls and continue forward. Gaelin does note that the party's trail will be very visible to the gnolls. Gaelin leads the party somewhat east and avoids the gnolls.

The rest of the day is uneventful. The party makes camp.

 - end of session -


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