Rosélia Delmirev


Legendary Hero of the Vale. Mother to Braethr Delmirev.

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Born: 5/14/-35 Died: 5/13/20

Rosélia Delmirev is one of the legendary "Heroes of the Vale" who saved the Delma Valley from attack by Supreme System Lord Ra during the Sundering. A bronze dragonborn, she is also a descendant of the mythical hero Del (Person) and the mother of Braethr Delmirev.

Early Life

Rose was born in the northern city of Del Orkarthel, an ancient city dating back thousands of years and the ancestral home to the Delmirev family. Startlingly intelligent from a young age, she always had a knack for tinkering and artifice. When not studying the history of her family, undergoing training, or working with diplomats or the Council of Del, she could reliably be found in one of her many workshops coming up with crazy inventions and wild ideas for new "technology" that could replace or surpass magic. Despite her quick wit, she was known to be quite hot-headed, often getting into brawls with her siblings and friends for fun or honor.

At a young age she fell in love with Scotarius, a handsome, virtuous, and equally short-tempered bronze dragonborn from Lacus Oppidum. Meeting in their early twenties while Rose was on a diplomatic visit to the city of Kava with her father, Rose saw Scott practicing his form in the courtyard of the local temple, where he was receiving his early training as a future paladin of Bahamut. Quick to defend his own honor, Scott challenged her to a friendly sparring match to see who really was the better fighter, which she quickly accepted. Quick as lightning, the two charged towards each other after the starting horn. Scott had reach, but Rose had flexibility, and the match quickly devolved into the duo grappling each other on the ground. After several minutes, the ending horn sounded, with the quartermaster calling a draw.

Rose and Scott would go on to become both great friends and rivals, with their relationship eventually culminating in union upon the completion of Scott's training. Several years later, the couple would have their first and only child: Braethr Delmirev.

The Sundering

Almost 20 years ago during the Sundering, an event where the Seven Isles were ripped from the planet Toril by unknown means, Rose and her husband, along with Greymane Windstrider and a mysterious figure known only as The Traveler, worked to create a barrier to protect the Delma Valley from the invading otherworldly forces of the Goa'uld. The group, which would eventually become known as the Heroes of the Vale, succeeded in protecting the valley, allowing the Republic of Del to flourish in peace for almost three thousand years.

The events that led to the creation of the barrier also resulted in Rose, Scott, and Greymane becoming encased in technomagical stasis, where they remained for the duration of the period that would become known in the Delma Valley as the Time of Isolation. The couple's son Braethr, only six at the time of the invasion, was cast out of the Seven Isles by Rose in a desparate attempt to protect her son from danger, magically sending him far away to the lands of western Faerûn.

The Dark War

In 20 Sundering a group known as the Chosen of Del, which included Rose's son Braethr, found their way into the Delma Valley. As part of a battle to stop the activation of a great colossus known as the Enkaran Destroyer by the rogue business magnate Yeff Bezoos, the adventurers managed to free Rose and her husband Scott from their stasis. Reuniting their family once more, Rose helped the adventurers defeat the nefarious businessman.

During the early days of the Dark War, Rose was instrumental in helping to design and construct new varieties of weapons, defenses, and airships. Despite almost three thousand years of progress during the Time of Isolation, Rose was instantly one of the most knowledgeable artificers in the realm upon her return, even surpassing the vaunted shipwright Feyre Norixius in her creativity. Rose would begin work on repairing and modifying the now-inert Enkaran Destroyer in service of the Republic of Del to fight against the forces of the Dark Lady.

At some unknown point, Rose was captured by Supreme System Lord Ra and replaced by a shapeshifter. During the Battle of Drak'aroth, the Chosen of Del fought against Ra to defeat him once and for all. In the midst of the battle, Ra summoned a restrained and bloodied Rose through a portal, threatening her death if he were to be defeated. Blinded by rage, Braethr loosed the powers of his Arc Beam, near-instantly vaporizing both Ra and his mother and leading to both their deaths. Despite attempts by Feyre Norixius to revive her, she found Rose's soul to be unreachable, consigned by some unseen force to death.


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