Archdruid Eloran


Leader of the Council of Elders in Dunn Cloudtomb and founding member of the Emerald Enclave. Mentor to Fenris Windstrider

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Born: -3210

Eloran is a revered archdruid and head of the Council of Elders in Dunn Cloudtomb, a sequestered enclave in Faerûn. Known for his profound wisdom, deep connection to nature, and formidable magical abilities, Eloran has played a pivotal role in guiding the elven people and protecting the natural world. He is also the esteemed mentor to Fenris Windstrider, one of the most promising young druids of his time. Additionally, Eloran is a distinguished member of the Emerald Enclave, the most revered group of druids in Faerûn.

Early Life and Rise

Eloran was born in -3210 in the ancient forests of Glimmerwood, a region known for its rich biodiversity and magical flora. From a young age, he exhibited an extraordinary affinity for nature, displaying talents in healing and elemental magic. His parents, both respected druids, nurtured his gifts and instilled in him a deep respect for the balance of the natural world.

Eloran's journey to becoming an archdruid was marked by rigorous training and a series of transformative experiences. He traveled the width and breadth of Faerûn and the lands beyond, studying under several renowned druids and mastering various aspects of druidic magic, from shapeshifting and elemental manipulation to advanced healing techniques. His dedication and prowess earned him a place on the Council of Elders upon his return to Dunn Cloudtomb, where he quickly became a leading voice in matters concerning the environment and magical ethics.

In -1463, following the passing of the previous leader of the Council, Eloran was unanimously elected as the head of the Council of Elders. His leadership has been characterized by a balance of wisdom and compassion, with a focus on preserving the natural harmony of Dunn Cloudtomb and the surrounding regions.

Founding the Emerald Enclave

Eloran's commitment to the preservation of nature and his deep connection to the natural world led to his involvement in a critical moment in Faerûn's history. Following a devastating crisis in -2180 that threatened the balance of nature, Eloran banded together with other like-minded druids to form the Emerald Enclave. This group was dedicated to maintaining the natural order, protecting the wilderness, and promoting harmony between civilization and nature.

As one of the founding members, Eloran played a key role in establishing the Enclave's principles and guiding its early efforts. Under his guidance, the Emerald Enclave has grown into a powerful and respected force in Faerûn, committed to safeguarding the world's natural beauty and balance.

Role in Dunn Cloudtomb

As leader of the Council of Elders, Eloran oversees and advises the village on matters of nature, magic, and tradition. Under his guidance, the Council has implemented several initiatives to protect endangered species, restore damaged ecosystems in nearby lands, and educate the elven populace on sustainable living practices.

Eloran is also responsible for mediating disputes within Dunn Cloudtomb and its neighboring territories, using his profound understanding of nature and magic to find harmonious solutions. His leadership has been instrumental in maintaining the delicate balance between the elven communities and the natural world they inhabit.

Mentor to Fenris Windstrider

One of Eloran's most significant contributions has been his mentorship of Fenris Windstrider, a gifted young druid with the potential to become one of the greatest of his kind. Eloran recognized Fenris's talents early on and took him under his wing, imparting not only his extensive knowledge of druidic magic but also his values of respect, humility, and harmony with nature.

Through years of rigorous training and personal guidance, Eloran has helped Fenris develop his abilities, preparing him for the challenges and responsibilities of a druidic life. Fenris' growth under Eloran's mentorship stands as a testament to Eloran's skill as a teacher and his dedication to the future of druidism.

Personal Life

Despite his many responsibilities, Eloran remains deeply connected to the simple joys of nature. He often spends his free time wandering the ancient forests, communing with the spirits of the land, and tending to the flora and fauna of the village.


Eloran's impact on the Kingdom of Alsryn extends far beyond his role as Archdruid. His efforts in conservation and education have left a lasting legacy, ensuring that future generations of elves understand and appreciate the importance of living in harmony with nature. His wise and compassionate leadership has fostered a sense of unity and purpose among the elven people, strengthening their bond with the natural world.

Eloran's teachings and principles continue to inspire druids and non-druids alike, promoting a culture of sustainability and reverence for life. As both a leader and a mentor, Eloran's influence will be felt for centuries to come, solidifying his place as one of the most revered figures in the history of Dunn Cloudtomb and the druidic world.


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