518 - The Assault on Drak'aroth, Part I

518 - The Assault on Drak'aroth, Part I


The Chosen of Del begin the assault on Drak'aroth.

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Begin: 5/11/20 09:00 End: 5/12/20 06:00

Awakening from their rest in their bastion amidst the corruption, the Chosen of Del packed up their sanctum and continued their march through the corruption towards Drak'aroth. Their fight through the corruption took its toll on their resources, with their ground troops being forced to expend a large amount of their limited ammunition, and the spellcasters among the ground forces using a large number of their resources for the day.


After a full day of intense fighting pushing through the corruption, the party and their forces arrived on the outskirts of Drak’aroth. Taking time to consult with Councilor Drak’thar, Councilor Narendro, and Scotarius Delmirev, the party decided to send the larger airships from the First Fleet and the Third Fleet, who would not have been able to provide any meaningful support in the battle ahead, to begin cleansing the Southeastern Peninsula in order to provide a larger staging ground for their forces on the island, planning to wrap around the peninsula starting southeast of Thalindor. Braethr and Feyre spent some time inspiring troops aboard the Biliskner, with Braethr giving a rousing speech to a large gathering within one of the large mess halls of the ship.


Before the fleets separated and began their own missions, Fenris and Kiersey, along with a group of adventurers known as the Phoenix Vanguard, went ahead to scout the village on the outskirts of Drak’aroth, as well as the city proper. Expertly entering the outskirts undetected, Fenris, Kiersey, and the other adventurers found the town to be in ruins and infested with a large number of shapeshifters. Making their way through the ruins, they found a large gate made of stone leading into the city proper. After squeezing through the gate and making their way down a long three-mile tunnel descending deeper and deeper into the bedrock, they found themselves at an identical gate on the far side of the tunnel. Squeezing through in their misty forms, the  scouting party saw the city of Drak’aroth, in all its glory, infested with the forces of the Dark Lady. Reporting back to their forces outside, Fenris gave the order for the assault to begin immediately, rather than waiting until dawn.


Braethr and Feyre, having stayed back with the coalition forces, and Braethr having been given command of the mission by his father Scotarius, decided that the best course of action was to carve a path directly through the corruption as they make their way to the town on the outskirts of Drak’aroth. As their forces pushed through the corruption, Fenris and Kiersey made their way back to the outskirts to aid in the assault. After summoning a great Storm of Vengeance to help clear the path for the approaching coalition forces, Fenris transformed into a great adamantine dragon with Kiersey riding on his back, swooping down and beginning to rain fire upon the forces below. 


Though the forces of the Dark Lady fought with great tenacity, the heroes managed to take the outskirts of Drak’aroth, having suffered a loss of 690 ground troops and one Cloudskimmer-class airship. Recognizing the importance of morale at such an early stage in the campaign, the party decided to begin using their limited revival resources, reducing their loss of troops to a mere 138.  Feyre made a solo trek back into the heart of the corruption, retrieving and reviving the bodies of four of the five crew of the lost Cloudskimmer. Upon returning them to the  outskirts of Drak’aroth, now being reinforced as a staging ground for their assault on the city proper, Feyre was thanked by the husband of one of the men she had revived, and told by one of the medics that if all of her party were as kind and strong as she was, then surely they would succeed in this campaign.


Seeking to rally the troops, Braethr went around repeating elements of his previous speech, asking the troops "Are you afraid of the dark?” Fenris, doing the same, went around and handed acorns to a large number of the troops, who began following him and Braethr to the center of the village. Standing atop of the roots of a large desiccated tree, Fenris pulled out a golden acorn, an artifact known as the Seed of the Grovewarden, giving a rousing speech ending with “The darkness does not bind us here!” Pressing the artifact into the tree, it bloomed into a large cherry blossom tree, its canopy stretching fifty feet into the air and pedals glowing with effervescent pink and gold and light. The pulse from the artifact healed their allies within the village and, after the cheers from their soldiers, the party could finally rest, ending a long day of intense fighting.


After-Action Report:

  • Beginning of assault on Drak’aroth

    • After revives, loss of about 138 troops

    • 552 troops will be out of action for 4 days after being revived

    • 1 Cloudskimmer lost while crossing over the corruption

    • 30 Cloudskimmers have depleted energy reserves with 1 of 5 energy remaining

    • 15 Cloudskimmers need repairs and will be out of action for 3 days

    • Cloudskimmer fleet has 60% of ballista ammunition remaining

  • Cleansing of the Southeastern Peninsula

    • The bulk of the First and Third Fleets will arrive at Thalindor at sunrise on the 12th of Midsummer, having lost 1 Valkyrie-class cruiser in transit.

    • Cleansing operations will begin at midday on the 12th of Midsummer.



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