519 - The Assault on Drak'aroth, Part II

519 - The Assault on Drak'aroth, Part II


The Chosen of Del plan the next phase of their assault, but are interrupted by the unexpectded arrival of an ancient foe.

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Begin: 5/12/20 00:00 End: 5/12/20 10:00

As dawn threatens to crest far over the horizon, the party faces difficulty in deciding their next move. Wanting more information about the upcoming assault, Fenris moves into the city in one of his many druid shapes to spy on the enemy forces. Meanwhile, Braethr has a conversation with a young strategist by the short name Elionathril Silverleaf, discussing the proper means of developing strategy next to a rooftop ledge. Meanwhile, their ground forces continue to move to the plateau high above, safe from the corruption magic of the Dark Lady and staging for their assault. Feyre and Kiersey receive a communiqué just before sunrise that the bulk of the First Fleet and Third Fleet have arrived at Thalindor, and will be in position to start removing enemy forces from the southeastern peninsula of De by midday.

After returning with news of the vast number of enemies within Drak'aroth proper, the party struggles to come to a decision. Braethr recommends consulting the Deck of Many Things, while Kiersey summons her demon butler Chives to inquire about making a deal for great power. Feyre ponders the dark pact that was offered to her several days ago after finding the artifact in the Ebon Veil's hideout. Confusion and indecision leave the party unable to make a decision on how to act, despite many thousands of lives riding on the outcomes of their decisions.

Suddenly, a low whine can be heard from the skies to the southwest. Fenris flies up to investigate and sees a swarm of fifty Goa'uld Death Gliders on a course directly towards their forces on the plateay above. Assuming these were likely dispatched from the crashed Ha'tak mothership far to the west, the party is overcome with a sudden sense of dread. Not wanting to provoke an attack, Feyre orders the Fifth Fleet to form a defensive posture and only fire if fired upon. This proves to be a wise decision, as the Gliders split around their forces and dove into the crevasse housing Drak'aroth. Scouts began to report that Jaffa were fighting the shapechangers currently housed within the city, performing strafing runs and disembarking small squads of Jaffa Soldiers and Elites.

Perplexed by this sudden turn of events, the party was even more confused as to what the best next steps would be. Fenris, in his near-godlike perception, spotted another larger ship flying out of the southwest: a Goa'uld Tel'tak. Knowing that these vessels could transport large numbers of Jaffa troops, the party's concerns grew. As the vessel approached, it began to slow down, coming to hover over the center of the village where the party housed their operations. A bright light opened up beneath the ship, and a set of Chaapa'kash began descending over Kiersey and Braethr, seemingly intending to transport them aboard. The party made the split-second decision to play along, moving hastily so that all would be transported up.

After a bright flash of light, the party found themselves aboard the Tel'tak in a dimly lit space surrounded by many Horus Guards and Serpent Guards. After announcing their presence, they were greeted by a deep, distorted voice: the voice of Supreme System Lord Ra. After "pleasantries" were exchanged back and forth, Ra was convinced by braethr and Fenris to show himself in the flesh, at which point he presented an offer the party: help him acquire something he sought within the city of Drak'aroth, and he would aid them in their fight against the Dark Lady for now. Braethr, seemingly wanting to test or trick Ra, convinced him to draw a card from the Deck of Many Things. After drawing and defeating an Avatar of Death with very little effort (which ended up blowing a large hole in the side of the ship), Ra repeated his offer to the party, promising great power and rewards in exchange for their help.

Will the party accept Ra's help? Will the choose to fight him here and now to eliminate a future enemy? Only time will tell.


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