103 - Tresendar Manor


A group of adventurers infiltrates the Redbrand hideout, looking to end their terror in Phandalin.

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Begin: 4/12/19 04:00 End: 4/12/19 18:00
"Well, this is interesting." -Braethr

In the pre-dawn darkness of the morning, three adventurers sneak out of their beds in the Stonehill Inn. Laucian, Kiersey, and Fenris gather their belongings, don their armor, and check their satchels and weapons before silently slipping out of their rooms and down the staircase. Leaving through the back entrance left unlocked by Toblen Stonehill so as not to create any extra noise, the adventurers move quietly down the road towards the eastern outskirts of Phandalin. Occasionally exchanging furtive glances as they stay alert for any signs of trouble, the trio otherwise travels in silence.

On the hill above the eastern edge of the village lies their destination: Tresendar Manor, the rumored hideout of the Redbrand Ruffians. Vowing after their confrontation with members of the group yesterday and the knowledge of their kidnappings and extortion, the adventurers have made it their goal to destroy the group and rout them from Phandalin to prevent them doing more harm.

Approaching the edge of the building as the distant eastern skies begin to brighten, the twilight of the morning begins to reveal clues to the adventurers. After a brief investigation of the manor grounds and the ruins of the ground floor, Fenris spots a large number of tracks leading to a staircase just outside the decrepit kitchen. Drawing their blades and prepared for anything, the trio descend into the cellar.

Opening an unlocked door at the base of the stairs, the adventurers emerge onto a landing overlooking  a large cellar, with stone steps descending to a flagstone floor in two short flights. Investigating the space occupied by barrels, crates, and a large cistern, the trio discovers two more doors exiting the space. Making their way through the western door, the adventurers come face to face with three Redbrand ruffians. After a brief skirmish and a couple of broken crates, the ruffians were dead on the floor.

Meanwhile, a young bronze dragonborn found himself awakening in a dingy prison cell. Finding himself dressed in rags and stripped of his posessions, weapons, and armor, he took a moment to survey his surroundings, and found himself with company. Just outside his cell, two rough-looking humans in greasy red cloth stood guard, playing cards at a table nearby. Across the room, an older woman and two children, likely her own, were imprisoned in another cell. The hotheaded paladin spoke up, challenging his guards to let him free and face him like real men. One of the guards approached and took a swing at the paladin, knocking him back as his club connected with his skull. The paladin spoke loudly to the woman in the other cell: "Don't worry, I'll get us out of this mess."

Back in the basement landing, Kiersey, Laucian, and Fenris made their way through a second door in the cistern room, finding themselves in a long hallway. Sensing something amiss, Fenris was able to spot a trap in the floor, pulling Laucian back just as his foot caused a pit of spikes to open in front of them. Jumping over the newly-revealed trap, the adventurers proceeded down the hallway and into the next room.

As they ventured through the door, the trio gazed into the next room. Three large stone sarcophogi stood within the dusty crypt, each with a skeleton clad in bits of rusty mail propped up against them. Carved columns resembling oak trees spread across the walls of the room, supporting the weight of the ceiling above. As the adventurers stepped into the room, the heads of the skeletons turned towards them. After a moment of silence, the skeletons suddenly sprung to live, unsheathing clubs and swords as they began attacking the would-be heroes.

Hearing commotion in the next room, the guards outside the paladin's cell sprung up and readied their weapons. Taking advantage of the distraction, the dragonborn unleashed a torrent of lightning from his maw, catching his captors off guard. Injureed but not incapacitated, the guards began swinging at the paladin through the bars of his cell. While the paladin held his own for a moment, even incapacitating one of the bandits, the last exchange of blows proved to be more than he could withstand. Both he and his remaining captor traded a fierce pair of blows, sending each other crumpling to the ground.

Having dispatched their undead assailants and hearing a commotion in the next room, Fenris, Kiersey, and Laucian wrenched open the door to the prison, watching as a dragonborn traded one final blow with a Redbrand. Rushing over, Laucian was able to stabilize the dragonborn with only moments to spare. Gathering a set of keys off of one of the dead guards, Kiersey freed the family in the adjacent cell.

As the dragonborn is helped to his feet by Laucian and Fenris, he identifies himself as Braethr, a paladin raised by a sect of elves dedicated to protecting the weak and powerless. He details his capture by the Redbrands after being overwhelmed on the Triboar Trail on his way to Waterdeep. Picking up his belongings from the pile nearby, Braethr dons his armor and decides to join the adventurers in their quest to eradicate the Redbrand threat.

Kiersey, meanwhile, checks on the captives, aided by Fenris' medicinal skills. The older woman, Mirna Dendrar, reveals that her husband Thel was murdered several days ago after her husband, Thel, spoke out against the Redbrands' tyrrany. Later that night, the ruffians returned to their home and kidnapped Mirna and her two children Nars and Nilsa, planning to sell them into slavery.

Unable to provide much more information about the Redbrands or their plans, Mirna was only able to reveal that their leader was a wizard with "tall, furry monsters with big ears" working for him. Unable to gift the adventurers with a reward, she did ruminate on an old family heirloom she had left in the ruined village of Thundertree far to the north, offering its location as compensation for their help were they to ever travel that way.

After searching a nearby storeroom for any loot or equipment that might aid them, the would-be heroes, now four strong, decided to make camp in the now-cleared barracks room off the entrance to the basement. This would allow them time to rest and time for Braethr to recuperate before they ventured deeper. Giving the survining Dendrars directions on how to return home, the adventurers barricaded themselves within the barracks ofd the hideout, resting and planning to make their way deeper into the hideout on the morrow.


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