526 - Return to Toril


Seeking allies to aid in the campaign against the Dark Lady, the Chosen of Del finally return to Toril.

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Begin: 5/31/22 00:00 End: 5/31/22 11:30

The gentle creak and hum of the ha'tak around them fills the air, crackling screens and warm glows from consoles around the room illuminating the dark space. Plotting their next moves, the Chosen of Del have come up with a plan. Fenris and Braethr would return to Lyrrick to make contact with their allies, bringing the recently-discovered Zero-Point Module to the city of Atlantis empower it and provide themselves and their forces with some much needed upgrades for the battles ahead. Meanwhile, Kiersey and Feyre would return to Toril, using the Planar Anchor to stabilize the temporal rifts affecting the planet and attempting to enlist any remaining System Lords or Jaffa in Faerûn in their campaign against the Dark Lady.

As Fenris opens the chaapa'ai to Lyrrick, Feyre is overcome with a horrific vision, which she later shares with the party:

Feyre looks upon the chaapa'ai, and images flash into her mind's eye: Visions of herself commanding great armies of jaffa towards future conquests through the portal. The heads of her fellow adventurers adorn spikes surrounding the chaapa'ai. She turns and glances in a mirror and her eyes flash a bright orange. The vision fades...

Concerned that Feyre's condition as the Harcesis Child of Ra may soon put her friends in danger, Fenris reaches out with the power of his will. Casting Geas upon her, he commands Feyre not to access her Harcesis Knowledge without him present, lest her attempts lead her to her own pain and the world's doom. Pausing a moment more to conjure his familiar Aeir, Fenris leaves the sprite with Feyre so as to keep an eye on her and Kiersey while they journey apart. After exchanging looks with their fellow party members, Braethr and Fenris finally step through the portal.

Arriving on Lyrrick and within the portal room of the city, Fenris and Braethr are welcomed once again by Anastrianna Windstrider and Professor Stumbleduck. Eager to fill in their allies, they set a meeting to take place later in the morning after Teal'c returns from his current mission.

Meanwhile, as the light from the portal fades from the chaapa'ai, Kiersey and Feyre begin conjuring a portal to Whiteridge, a small village nestled in the northeast of the Kingdom of Alsryn, Kiersey's home. Seeing Kiersey utilize the pedestal to activate the chaapa'ai, Feyre is tempted with visions of power as she looks at the great ring, feeling a location of vast power beneath the surface of her consiousness. Sensing the danger and refusing temptation, Feyre shakes off the visions and follows Kiersey through the portal, the Planar Anchor in tow.

Arriving in the midst of what seems at first to be a blizzard, Kiersey and Feyre scan their surroundings. Immediately next to the portal is a pedestal, with what appears to be a small orb of gold and naquadah connected to it. A small but powerful beam of energy emits from the orb, springing skywards and fanning out into a dome surrounding them. Upon further inspection, the duo notice that what surrounds them is not a blizzard at all, but a whirlwind of temporal energies. Outside the barrier the pair witness nature grow and die, as days, weeks, seasons, and even centuries seem to flash by in an instant. One moment they witness a great volcano surging skyward in the distance, the next great armies doing battle in a wasteland, only to be replaced by a vast forest in the next instant.

As the pair continue to survey their situation, they notice the Planar Anchor slowly draining energy from the orb, causing the barrier around them to shrink. Prodding Aeir on her shoulder, Feyre is able to get Fenris' attention, which shifts to look through his familiar. Seeing the chaotic whirlwind around them, Fenris thinks back to the runes on the obelisk and Silvanus' words of wisdom. Using his Truesight, Fenris finds a third set of runes written in the Primordial script hidden within the carvings of the obelisk: the command words for the artifact. Speaking the words of power through his familiar, Fenris activates the obelisk. The Planar Anchor sinks into the ground and energy begins flowing through it, the unstable temporal rifts slowly stabilizing and subsiding, ad the world around them settles itself into the present day.

Having finally made their return to Toril possible, the adventurers take a moment to catch their breath and rejoice. Fenris, fearing for the state of his shrine nearby, teleports Kiersey and Feyre to the nearby plateau. As they arrive, Fenris greets one of his acolytes through Aeir and encourages them to welcome Kiersey and Feyre as friends. Upon welcoming them to the shrine, the acolyte shares news coming out of Alsryn, including disappearing villagers, the rumors of the repoening of the Whiteridge Mines, and the startling revelation that Kiersey's father, King Marcello I, has been resurrected. Reacting with shock and confusion, Kiersey and Feyre make plans to travel to Alsrynne to investigate.


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