Elenya Silvershade


Arcane Trickster known for being a true spark of chaos.

Score 1066


Introducing Elenya Silvershade, a High Elf Arcane Trickster with a past as turbulent and compelling as Lyrathiel's. This elf stands out even in a crowd, her presence a blend of ethereal grace and a distinctly playful eccentricity. She is tall for a High Elf, her slender frame adorned in attire that marries practicality with a flair for the dramatic. Her robe, a patchwork of vibrant colors and shimmering fabrics, seems to dance with light, reflecting her whimsical nature. It's clear from her attire that she prefers freedom of movement, essential for her arcane trickery and swift maneuvers, yet each piece of clothing appears to have been chosen not just for utility but for the story it tells—a tapestry of adventures past.

Her hair, a cascade of golden waves, is loosely tied back with a ribbon that seems to change color with her mood, framing a face marked by sharp, inquisitive eyes that sparkle with mischievous intelligence. A pair of delicate, pointed ears peek out from under her hair, often adorned with an assortment of earrings featuring odd symbols and charms, each likely bearing its own tale or magical property. Around her neck hangs a pendant, an intricate knotwork design that pulses with a soft light, hinting at hidden depths of power.

Elenya moves with a confidence that's almost theatrical, her gestures grand and her laughter easy and infectious. She carries a variety of tools and trinkets attached to her belt and woven into her attire—lockpicks, spell components, and odd curiosities that seem to have no immediate use but are undoubtedly part of her eccentric collection. Despite her unorthodox appearance, there's an undeniable aura of competence about her, a sense that her eccentricities are merely the surface of a deep, strategic mind adept at navigating the complexities of magic and mischief alike. To an onlooker, Elenya is a walking contradiction, a being of light and shadow, her playful exterior masking the strength and cunning of one of the most gifted arcane tricksters to walk the realms.

Born into the esteemed Silvershade family, known throughout the high elven society for their diplomatic prowess and magical affinity, Elenya was the embodiment of her people's grace and intellect. With hair like spun gold and eyes as deep and clear as the summer sky, she was the jewel of her family, destined for greatness within the elven courts.

However, Elenya's spirit was too wild for the rigid structures and expectations of high elven society. From a young age, she exhibited a profound connection to magic, but not the refined, controlled magic her people revered. Hers was magic, tinged with mischief and unpredictability, leading her down the path of the Arcane Trickster. Her innate talent for illusion and enchantment, combined with her knack for thievery and espionage, marked her as an outlier, much to her family's chagrin. 

The final breach came when Elenya refused an arranged marriage, designed to cement her family's power. During the engagement ceremony, in a bold display of defiance, she unveiled her true powers, causing a spectacle that not only shamed her family but also challenged the very tenets of a high-elven society. Faced with the prospect of confinement and silencing, Elenya fled, leaving her privileged life behind in search of freedom and a place where she could fully embrace her magical nature.

Elenya's and Lyrathiel's paths crossed under unlikely circumstances, each recognizing in the other a kindred spirit bound by a similar fate of rebellion and self-discovery. Elenya's light-heartedness, cunning, and mastery of illusion complement Lyrathiel's more serious demeanour, raw power, and chaotic magic. Together, they form an unbreakable bond, driven by mutual respect, love, and the shared dream of carving out their destinies far from the shadows of their families' legacies. Their relationship is a testament to the power of unity in diversity, proving that even those from the most disparate of backgrounds can find solace and strength in one another's company.

8 months ago - Winter of Year 56
Elenya had managed to snatch a bracelet with a beautiful design from a store as she ran out of it when the guards were called, hopping on top of crates got herself to a roof and started to head towards the north. She had a rough first jump but from there she moved over to the other ones, managing to get some distance between them and land in the alleyway when no one was looking to minor illusion herself into a box that looked like those around her waiting for a time so that the guards would settle down.

once they were she used her magic of prestidigitation to change her hair, and her clothes and make her look like a noble of lesser types walking out of the alleyway like she owned the joint. the stolen bracelet was safely put away into her back as she came out wearing a green and brown earthen-coloured cloak, ginger red hair, and her usual blue eyes. 

The Order of the Sovereign Shields / Thorn Knights [elves] (TBD) are known as Lawful Good

Passing by with an attempt to blend in she made her way through the city that she was in and got to see Max the burly dwarf Fence of the Thieves' Guild who is known to her as "Nya" instead of her actual name (cause thieves) and gave the bracelet to him where he started at 500 Gold Pieces (GP) which she went and asked for 100 and he gave her 150 for being part of the Guild and a member that brings in quality stuff when she can.  he then made it look like a piece of garbage and put it in a lockbox.

from there Elenya put the gold in her boobs/pockets close to there and exited the area looking around as usual to make sure nothing was amiss in the fast transaction time there. she then went to the exotic pet vendor and got herself a Hypogryphen animal (part own / part cat) that was coloured with dark green-teal 

and deep red feathers and light teal on the back of the animal. 

she managed to get the asking price of 500 down to 350 gp having figured out that it was overpriced for the little thing so she got Zherea the female Hypogryphen. She tried to perform for a while but got jackshit for nothing before she took her animal and set her sights on Port Haven  (home city for game)

getting there she went to the Thieves' Guild and ordered a "rum and coke" which is Thieves' Cant for needing missions and a drink at the same time. the main Thieves' Guild here is run by a Half-Orc who looks well-built and strong. she coughed up 5 GP for the drink and still noticed the Gruff man with a beard who seemed to be ever watchful of the area.

her first mission is a 2 story and needing to steal from the Manor in town. she watched the premises for a while to get to know what was going on for guards and their usual routine. the place is known for its wine and that it is a summer home and it is currently End of Winter in Year 75.   her goal is the Safe that is on the wall behind some form of a desk and the crystal inside that is a Softball size crystal. 

with a few checks, she managed to get a good idea of the guards. there are typically 7, sometimes 10 guards that are well-oiled machines that work well. 2 are always on the outside and opposite each other on the perimeter of the house. the manor, as expected, is rather large though it's larger than one might think and seems to have a few other buildings in the area. rich people type house, a good score.

scanning the area, Elenya got closer to the building leaving her unbonded animal outside to watch the area for her as she knew what she's needing is the office on the East Side of the Manor. As she gets to the roof with a clean check, she realizes she is on the Southwest corner. moving quickly under her stealth on the roof she moves across it 

and after a slip with the roof tiles she hides at the chimney breathing heavily for a moment, the guards talk about how they need to replace the tiles and why it had to happen on their watch. they didn't seem too concerned about it but it was a known problem. the guards don't seem to like this Duke's wife and there are apparently a bunch of "yappers" inside. what that means, Elenya does not yet know.

looking around it seems the coast is clear for not and she tries to get up onto the chimney only to not quite make the jump and hits it a bit harder than she expected the guards look up but see nothing and after a moment they go away. she makes her way down the chimney AFTER checking that it is not a lit fire and then she hears about 3-5 people snoring in the area. getting to the bottom carefully she sees 8 different small fluffy things, they look kinda like mushroom shapes in the darkness but it's hard to make out, definitely, animals though before noticing the floor is covered with dog toys. these are all some form of a dog. pomeranians most likely. 

using a mage hand and being careful to not make a sound Elenya manages to clear a path as she creeps to the door, finding out it's locked before going back to the chimney. mid walk the woman in the bed gets up and goes to the door, wandering out half awake and grumpy as Elenya just freezes with a perfect 26 on her stealth (nat 20!) before going into the hallway with the person, they went to the bathroom, illusioned herself under the table with more tablecloth to cover her. the guard stops the Duke's wife and fills her in about the ceiling tile. either they are real go-getters OR the Lord knows about it already and is handling it. the second option is not the one that is good.

once the guard goes away she manages to unlock the door and get in to relock it 

and go towards the area she needed to head towards. the desk in the middle of the room is carved from solid Twilight Ebony—a rare and highly valued wood celebrated for its deep, dark hues with purple and silver that seem to shift subtly under different lighting conditions. The expansive surface of the desk is polished to a high sheen, reflecting the meticulous care taken in its maintenance and highlighting its mystique and grandeur.

The design of the desk merges elegance with functionality, featuring intricately carved edges that showcase the skilled artisanship of its creators. Delicate scrollwork and subtle motifs adorn the edges, hinting at the desk's origin as a diplomatic gift, replete with symbols of peace and cooperation that underscore its historical and political significance.

The desk is adorned with items befitting a high diplomat's workspace: ancient leather-bound tomes with spines intricately embossed with eldritch symbols, unfurled parchment scrolls scribbled in celestial ink, and crystal inkwells next to feathered quills. Wax seals bearing the crest of a forgotten realm further enhance the historical aura.

Despite its ornate decorations, the desk features several well-crafted drawers, each fitted with handles made from finely wrought silver, adding a touch of luxury. These drawers slide smoothly, revealing ample space for documents, writing instruments, and other essentials necessary for statecraft and administration.

As a centrepiece in Mortimer's lavishly appointed study—lined with enchanted tapestries depicting arcane scenes—the desk stands not merely as a piece of furniture but as a symbol of high esteem and respect. 

She moves towards the desk carefully distracted, as she gets, from the beautiful besk. its too heavy for her but oh she so wanted it and one day she believes she will have this specific desk 

as she moves she felt the floor shift and a shimmer around Elenya before she sighed, mentally thinking "Well fuck" as she is now caught in a force field for the night. she got comfy, and even got a bit of a Trance in while she was there before she was awoken napping in it as the dogs came running at her to give her all the puppy love the many of them could, all being very yappy as she does damage control to keep them from licking her but petting them all. found out the man needs to have a specialized crew from someone and that they will pay almost any price to get those they need. after she accepts and a bit of banter, longingly looking at the table, it seems Mortimer and Elenya's relationship is formed as the pair who quip playfully at each other. she accepted the offer and stated that she likes to get paid well ( "I deal only in gold" - Ele) 

she finds out the orb she was supposed to steal is a communication device the job is open open-ended job where she works for the Butlers Guild. you can say no to a job but it's frowned heavily upon. then she went to the kitchen and found out the duke's Wife was a lot like her, a distant relative of hers.  she found out, officially, that his name was Mortimer Sage and his wife was Sára Sage previously Sára Silmerith.


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